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Alteria outlaws civilian ownership of firearms

Firearms for civilians are a no no

By Queen Oma Desala
08/14/2022 11:56 am
Updated: 08/20/2022 08:27 pm

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Firearms for civilians are a no no. We look to the history of an no longer existent country once called the USA. Who’s gun laws near on destroyed the country. 

Our guns need to be reserved for the military, the Alterans came here from another Galaxy to proceed in generating a new human population. Now that most of us have ascended we look back down on this planet and view our creation. Dissapointed with what they have become, the nukes they use and the radiation that has stricken the planet. We call for peace in his hard time. 


Posted August 14, 2022 at 12:06 pm

Virginia requires all citizens to own guns LMAO

Posted August 14, 2022 at 2:13 pm

The thing about citizen firearm ownership is that it always happens to the wrong people, and then the people who need it to turn around a tyrannical government, i.e., the revolutionaries, have no way of doing so. When it comes to America, it's more about the fact there aren't enough restrictions, though it disgusts me that half the country thinks their right to blasting bullets is more important than the rights of schoolchildren to safety.

Rimskaya simply banned the personal ownership of military-grade weapons, because it was getting out of hand.