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General Quasimoto Qasim khan won the Zulli civil war [OUTDATED]

September, 6th 1956

By Boron Azkervitch - NBZ
08/10/2022 05:46 pm
Updated: 12/20/2022 04:37 pm

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After the coup of 1953, where General Mohamed of the N.Z.M would imprison President Umer after it was that he was just a spy who came into power by rigging the election and speeding top secret information to the imperial motherland. After hacker and civil rights group O-block leaked this fact and General Mohamed came into power.

During this period it was told by 2nd General Quasimoto Qasim khan that General Mohamed must have also been a puppet and this was apart of the motherlands plan to reclaim control. This would make sense as only 3 years before the Coup of 1953, there was another revolt to the motherland lead by Rashid Mehmet. This came out to be true and for 3 years, After Quasimoto Qasim khan escaped from prison, their has been social up roar for a new leader, a democratic leader.

General Quasimoto Qasim khan has, after 3 years of civil war, General Quasimoto Qasim khan has finally became General, supreme leader and President for life. This has enraged several people tho such as civil rights group O-block who have stated.

"Rashid Mehmet, leader and one of the most important people to the Revolt of the motherland, should become the first president. And no, we don't mean dictator, or as General Quasimoto Qasim khan calls him self, 'Supreme leader'. We all appreciate what you did, but Rashid Mehmet is the obvious president"- Oman Mehmet, leader of O-block and brother of Rashid Mehmet

Other people think the dictatorship is a good idea.

"Honestly, the polices, ideas and the budgeting that General Quasimoto is putting out their is not half bad. It could even help the poor economy and also improve the weak and timid military"  - Firwan Yëlon, veteran soilder.

The debate is going on and more and more stability for the Dictatorship rather than the Democracy is clear, its highly possible that the dictatorship is going to rule.

Over 14,000,000 people, or just over 70% of Zullies have agreed for a dictatorship.