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Armenia Has Declared War Against The United Provinces Of “Freedom”

T-90 Tank On The Battlefield, Heading To The Freedom Base

By Hovsep Hakobyan
08/03/2022 04:48 pm
Updated: 08/03/2022 04:52 pm

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Novaya Armeniya

Vol. 1  Issue 10



The Armenian Socialist Republic Has Declared War On The United Provinces “Freedom” , After Premier Jhangiryan Severed Diplomatic Ties And Riots In The Capital City Of Freedom Square. The Population Of The United Provinces Of “Freedom” Has A 0% Favor For The Government(The Irony), Which Has Declined The Requests Of People To Make Their Leader “Joe Mama“ To Resign, And Turned Into A Dictatorship. Several Human Rights Violations Have Occurred,  Such As The [email protected]#$ Of Indigenous People Of The Nation. Which Turned Into The Final Reason For General Armen Karapetyan To Declare War After Long Talks With Our Premier And Strategists. The TUPF Dictatorship Will Fall. Long Live Our Soldiers!❤