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22nd June 2078, Callahan History Issue #2

Why did Jonathan Callahan abdicate?

By Fredrick Callahan, Duke of New wood
07/25/2022 08:16 pm
Updated: 07/25/2022 08:16 pm

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This I find a very controversial part of our history. Some say that the reason Old Jon abdicated was due to his inability to control the country, as it had been back in the hands of the UK since 1937 and throughout his rule. Society today still wonders if it was due to his fear of Britain, but some believe due to his ‘illness’ that he had to give up leadership. However at this time in 1945, the government took over the country and had it for 2 years. There were many revolts against the Maestro at this time. Following his assassination in 1947, his distant cousin took the throne and the government did not control the country. I am here today to talk with Political Historian, Susan Basilwerther, 97, about her opinion. “I believe that the citizens weren’t happy with the way the country was run and therefore they attempted to revolt against the Maestro, his abdication led to his assassination 2 years after.” Thank you very much Susan and I will see everyone in the next issue soon.