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By Vineland Government Office of the Censor
07/22/2022 08:45 pm
Updated: 07/24/2022 11:25 pm

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Welcome to the official government website of the Republic of Vineland!

Flag History :

Current Titles Held in Rome :

Current Leader and his Biography :

Chancellor Eddy Jean-Perrie

Son of Eddy Fernando, the son of the Queen of Vineland during the Victorian Age, and the fighter for Weinlandish succession  from the United States of America with the help of Great Britain and the C.S.A, this would soon after cause the breaking of the United States of America into many  nations. Eddy was the Prime Minister of Vineland before becoming King and re-instating the rule of Monarchy and Technocracy. Then soon after (Palpatine Style) leading both sides of a coup, Eddy turned Vineland into a sudo-democracy, with Eddy becoming Chancellor for Life of Vineland, during his rule of the nation, he has expanded the borders from the city of Vineland, to New York City!

History of the Nation :

Alliances and events carried with them :

Empire of the Romans under Justinian and Palsada (for a while Palsada till he was kicked) :
Raids by Arghh
Heresy of Justinian

Roman Empire under Germanicus Julius Caesar and Tiberius Aurion :
Raids by Arghh
Wars Against Camelot
Clock vs. Backrooms

Provinces of Vineland : | Atlantic Province
Cumberland Province 
Province of Trenton and New York City Bay Area 
Delaware Bay Province

Close Allies : | Tiberius Aurion | Nukeya

Current Alliance : | Roman Empire

Vineland :

Credits for the idea to: