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History of Vineland

By Office of the Censor
07/22/2022 08:27 pm
Updated: 07/22/2022 08:27 pm

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The history of Vineland started with it's statehood due to its high amount German population from Prussia due to the Napoleonic wars. The State of Vineland functioned as you would expect a state to, New Jersey fought and lost battles again and again in the Supreme Court for Vineland to be annexed back, to no avail. Eventually during the Civil War, New Jersey took advantage of the distracted SCOTUS to invade Vineland with its State Police, but Vineland pushed back and further went on to declare its independence. It pushed far into New Jersey and got its independence after signing a treaty with the United States Gov, the whole of Cumberland County would be annexed by the Kingdom of Vineland, the [email protected]#$ would be recognized by the United States Gov aswell. Soon after this, the United States fell. New Jersey was always a threat but never pushed into Vineland till 2071, when New Jersey entered Vineland with 2k Tanks, and 50k Troops, but Vineland prevailed and pushed back far into Trenton. On May 17th, 2073, New Jersey surrendered and was annexed.


Posted July 22, 2022 at 8:44 pm

The "[email protected]#$" isn't a curse word, its just the C.S.A/no no guys in the civil war.