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President Hallbjorn Goes On Vacation

President Hallbjorn decides to take a vacation for the first time since he took office

By Ben Taylor
07/05/2022 10:55 am
Updated: 07/05/2022 10:55 am

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The UCR Times


President Hallbjorn has decided to take a vacation in the beautiful Cuban Caribbean during his visit to boost international relations as the nation approaches an unprecedented nuclear war. The government has boosted uranium production along with coal production as well. Steel still remains to be the number one source of income for UCR.


President Hallbjorn addressed the growing unknown tension of nuclear war with a statement; “Anyone who commits nuclear war and [email protected]#$ will be met with the same amount of force. The destruction will be ten times worse.” UCR continues to boost its nuclear armament along with its national spy count to prevent espionage within the nation. Other nations envy and greed comes to an overwhelming point. UCRs military for nuclear strategy is boosting the nuclear armament from one nuclear weapon every other day to once a day.

Destruction will be met with destruction. Nuclear war isn’t worth anyones time. unless you’re a pirate with nothing better to do.