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The Department of Nuclear Policy

UCR establishes the Dept of Nuclear Policy

By Elon Doge
06/25/2022 09:25 am
Updated: 06/25/2022 09:25 am

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President Hallbjorn approved and awarded $8.7M USDT for the creation of the Dept of Nuclear Policy. This branch of government overseas nuclear policy during war time. The Department was created in a response to a number of nations ramping up their nuclear arsenal but more of a deterrent against pirate nations who have no other end goal other than to make money off successful and stable nations.

The current number of nuclear weapons to be dropped under UCR nuclear policy is four. The first attack from an aggressive nation will be resulted in a blockade by UCR and open-dialogue negotiations to be considered. If all forms of communications are ignored or attacks continue, under the accordance to UCR nuclear policy will result in constant nuclear bombing attacks until the aggressive nation forfeits and pulls back their forces. After UCR has made the first attempt to call for peace, there will be no other talks to be made and communications will be cut off.

This also includes to any OTSN alliance members. Any alliance who is attacking a member or friend of UCR (OTSN), will result in a blockade. If demands to call off the war are ignored, one nuclear weapon will be dropped on a nations capital city. UCR nuclear policy has members of OTSN who fall under its umbrella. Rather than four nuclear weapons being dropped, UCR will only send one depending on the severity of the war. This also means that OTSN (alliance) and UCR (United Carolina Republic) will not give into any demands from any pirates here on out. We will protect our own and the sovereignty of others.