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President Lou Barletta Denounces "Jabt" at Liguria 2077 Conference

after a five million dollar scandal Jabt left the TFNA

05/24/2022 10:42 pm
Updated: 05/24/2022 10:42 pm

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Yesterday, A 5 million dollar loan was granted to the Republic of Jabt. It turned out that Jabt was Exploiting the terms and after he received the 5 million he left the alliance. The New President Lou Barletta Is paying of the loan. Lou Barletta said "We cannot allow Nations to scam the Alliance.''  President Barletta announced a Mandatory Embargo on Jabt. Jabt Attempted to join another alliance but Lou Barletta was quick to expose him to the Alliance and sources say he is to be soon rejected. 

The Knights of The Round Table's Foreign Minister attended the convention and Mutual Defense Pact or and Optional Defense Pact was purposed and The Free Nations President Sebastian II has yet to respond.