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Genoan Republic send 3Million Dollar Aid Package to The Armed Republic Of Texahoma Amid Conflict

Also Embargoes Aggressor

05/24/2022 05:35 pm
Updated: 05/24/2022 05:35 pm

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Earlier Today, Herschel Borrego Spoke at The Free Nations Headquarters in Liguria; He called for Extra Defensive actions against the Aggressor. Herschel Borrego's quote was "We cannot allow other Nations Intrude on not only the Sovereignty of Texahoma but we Cannot allow nations to intrude on the Sovereignty of the Free Nations Alliance." Herschel Borrego announced a 4 million Dollar Action Plan. It would send Munitions, Steel, Gasoline and Aluminum to Texahoma.    While at the HQ it was also determined by the Council that the Genoan Republic was the Most Powerful Nation in the Alliance.