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Could Lou Barletta Become the next president?

Herschel Borrego's term is to be finished soon

By President Herschel Borrego
05/21/2022 11:45 am
Updated: 05/21/2022 11:48 am

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The Genoan Constsitution states that a president may only serve for one whole year. Herschel Borrego announced he is not seeking a re-election this summer. The Populous still favors the Conservatives in Parliament after they won the 2nd Tri-war. Moderates worry that Radical Conservatives like Maria Elisabetta or Sergio Valleta will take control. Liberals have nominated former Mayor Of Liguria Jennifer Stoltenia. Stoltenia is not polling well with only 34% of the vote. President herechel borrego announced his support for Conservative Lou Barletta. He is the front-runner