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Vikingsland within a week of launching the space exploration program.

"I am very pleased with all the research that has been done by our scientists to make the space program happen" - Captain Skully

By Sarah Leary- Channel Nine Viking News
06/09/2021 05:52 pm
Updated: 06/09/2021 11:06 pm

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Vikingsland is within a week of launching the “ Exploration Into Space Program.” The scientists working alongside the nation have done research for several months to develop this program.  I had the opportunity to interview the nation's president and leader Captain Skully on what this truly means for our nation and it is as follows: 

Sarah: Captain why are you excited about this program? 
Skully: This is something i've been excited about since we first discovered and claimed this nation for ourselves. It's good for both our culture and our military defense as well. We will become one of the most dominant and feared nations in the world after the launch of this program. 
Sarah: How long have the scientists been working on this program and how proud are you of their efforts? 
Skully: I am very pleased with all the hard work our scientists have put into finding the research to make this happen. I know most of them have famillies and they have been working for months since I first ordered this program around the clock putting in extra hours making that sacrafice for the greater good and safety of this nation. 
Sarah: What advantages does this program have? 
Skully: Well for one it allows us to launch our satellites into space our intel agency will fully have control over those satilletes and we will soon be able to detect and neutralize any threats instantly that have been done to our nation before they escalate. 
Sarah: I know we are running out of time in today's interview but one final question and any remarks if you have any. 
Skully: Go ahead Sarah 
Sarah: I know before that the approval of vikingsland was not the greatest. What has changed from back then to now? 
Skully: I think safety is a major concern, I promised to keep our nation safe and I have delivered that. Vikingsland is a good place to start a family and settle down. We also want migrants to visit and feel safe when they are coming into our nation on vacation. We are also creating new jobs and working on expanding our economy so that nobody in Vikingsland will have to die of hunger or be without their ever need met if they are willing to work there will be a position available for those who want to provide for their family. I'm truly excited to see how far we've grown since the beginning and we will never stop progressing forward. A big thank you to our allies in Nukaworld for always standing by us like family as well we are all appreciative of them and will always return the favor and stand by their side as well.  May God continue to bless and protect VikingsLand! Akana tasuuu deskau!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Sarah: Akana tasuuu deskau!!!!!!!!! Thank you captain for taking the time today to sit down with me and thank you for leading us in the right direction. 

So as you can see there is big things on the horizion for Vikingsland and I hope this article makes every citizen feel rest assured that everything is safe and sound more than ever now in Vikingsland. 

By Sarah Leary Journalist at Channel Nine Viking News. 

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