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Lord Prince Velekk declares restitution of the Amulet of Kings!

The Amulet of Kings was recovered with several phylacteries containing the blood of Tiber Septim himself.

By Captain Vaylus Redvanni
03/28/2022 06:02 am
Updated: 03/28/2022 06:03 am

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Restitution of the Amulet of Kings!
A triumph for the history of the old world

                    It has been 7 centuries since the collapse of Mundus as it was once known. An event long lost to the memories of all but the eldest in our lands, of which many have fallen prey to the schemes of the Dead Princes, it marked the sudden and cataclysmic end of our world. 
However, while the towers fell and the fabric of the world was laid bare and burnt, the Principi sen Patrena found its beginnings. Lord Prince Velekk Hemlock, once called Sain, organized our people's rescue from that blighted world and our endeavor into this one. But while our race and magics were preserved in flight, we had lost much of our histories and culture to that doomed world. We have since grown, with the aid of those too lost Valians, but there are those among us who have longed for the recovery of that which was lost. 
Today is that day! Our Lord Prince recently informed the Admiralty of his expedition to the lost lands in search of some unknown device. The council was reportedly reluctant to agree to such an expedition, were it not for the presence of many great heroes. As such, the expedition was undergone and what was recovered is priceless beyond measure. The Amulet of Kings, the artifact once responsible for staving away the Dead Princes and cornerstone of the Septim bloodline, was recovered. Along with it several phylacteries containing the blood of Tiber Septim himself, which the Lord Prince intends to use to restore the Septim family to our nation. As well as these holy items, the expedition was able to recover several libraries of once lost tomes, spells, manuscripts, and art (mostly Imperial in origin). 
These treasures are a wondrous boon to our people, and the flag of the Principi Sen Patrena flies high this day. 


Posted August 05, 2022 at 1:35 am

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