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new friendship with ANZAC

The trade deal with ANZAC

By emperor jakayde21
03/27/2022 10:56 pm
Updated: 03/27/2022 10:56 pm

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Today at 10:30pm the nation of ANZAC publicly message the kiwi empire for the rights to some laser kiwis in there zoos.

which the kiwi empire seeing no problem decided to accept the deal and make a steady deal between ANZAC and the kiwi empire which they hope will last. Today is the first day which a deal between laser kiwi actually happens, as they are normally deadly to non kiwis people who they see as gods.


Posted April 11, 2022 at 11:21 pm

the kiwis will be used to educate the ANZAC public in return we would offer venomous platypuses to your zoos