Nation Bulletin


The Kingdom of Spain closes all borders.

"This is what happens when you f**k around with bioweapons."

By Audon the Fascist Prick
03/14/2022 11:33 pm
Updated: 03/14/2022 11:37 pm

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Due to all the reports of infected in various countries lately, the Kingdom of Spain will be closing all borders and blocking any incoming planes and ships from countries with a confirmed presence of the virus. There shall be no quarantine process nor entry into Spain. All those coming from infected countries will be turned away. All those that try to force their way in will be shot, and their bodies burned. All confirmed infected will be executed on the spot and disposed of the same way. Military service is mandatory, and gun ownership is already legal, so Spanish citizens are properly trained and are expected to use their best judgement to deal with any potential infected people. Life in Spain will otherwise continue on as normal. We will not be lenient. This is a serious matter, and we warned this would quickly get out of hand if you f****d around with conducting trails and testing with infected individuals. The Kingdom of Spain will also start conducting military operations overseas to destroy all infected in foreign countries, with or without consent from said country. This has already gone way out of proportion.

-General Audon del Villar