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New_York is a nation led by CEO Wolf_of_wallstreet on the continent of North America. New_York's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very moderate social policies. Economically, New_York favors moderate policies. The official currency of New_York is the Dollar. At 271 days old, New_York is an old nation. New_York has a population of 509,661 and a land area of 18,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 28.31. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

here to dominate the resource trade and make a butload of mullah

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1)09/14/2021 11:03 am The Armed Peacekeepers BankNew_YorkFifth Mexican Empire$376,676.00476.0021.0024.007.0023.0019.0018.0047.0045.0052.0047.00
2)08/19/2021 03:32 pm New_YorkArrgh BankNew_York$40,000,,000.000.00
3)08/19/2021 11:04 am Big Brain Bureau BankNew_YorkNew Unexpected$
4)08/14/2021 01:39 pm House Stark BankNew_YorkTigerlandia$291,710.00357.
5)08/14/2021 01:37 pm Grand Imperial Federation BankNew_YorkTuckernation$29,611.0010.
6)08/11/2021 10:58 am Soldiers of Liberty BankNew_YorkLmerica$1,113,113.0078.007.003.0024.
7)08/10/2021 07:18 pm Disney18+ BankNew_YorkTHE KINGDOM OF LIBERTY$4,482.0012.
8)08/08/2021 11:42 am Big Brain Bureau BankNew_YorkNew Unexpected$
9)07/30/2021 11:07 am Rakatan Infinite Empire BankNew_YorkGrim Nation$43,301.
10)07/21/2021 12:19 pm New_YorkArrgh BankNew_York$7,500,
11)07/07/2021 04:56 pm The underworld BankNew_YorkLand of death$
12)07/04/2021 11:09 am New_YorkArrgh BankNew_York$25,000,000.000.003,000.003,000.002,500.000.000.003,,000.000.00
13)07/03/2021 04:55 pm British Empire BankNew_YorkUnited Kingdom GB$34,538.
14)07/03/2021 04:54 pm Genesis BankNew_YorkAshal$9,503.
15)06/30/2021 11:00 am The United Armies BankNew_YorkKingdom of Leinster$3,379,620.003,848.0039.0035.0021.0052.0077.0012.0073.0057.0066.0023.00

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