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"We choose to go beyond earth in this time and to complete what our grandfathers could not. We did this not because it was easy, but because they are hard and because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

- Prime Minister Laura Chauve 

       Comandement Spatial des Nations Unies: Bern, France

   "Commander, As you are aware, this intelligence was brought to our attention by the Resorian Imperium. We can confirm, from Commander Mitya at the United Nations Space Command that this threat is of alien origin which is hell-bent on the destruction of humanity. Our best estimates are that this threat is capable of interstellar travel, has an arsenal of missiles and ship weaponry at a higher rate than those here in France, however, is quite lacking in ground armaments. Our scientific team at Luna Base is working with Resorians and we do know that they have a different hierarchal class system based their body structure. We can only assume that this is an imperial space race." 

  "On that note, The EUROCOM has a prevalent theory on the attack on EUROCOM headquarters. Before it was attacked, and unlike what was said publically EURCOM was working on a chemical weapon. Medusa. The virus was intended to be a fail-safe mechanism to protect Earth, which eradicates all extra-terrestrial life in its perimeter. The virus utilized a compound structure that would allow most carbon-based life-forms resilience while non-lethal to humans. Based on the archives of the Fortress of Solitude, we are able to ensure that the virus is not harmful to humans. We believe, an alien threat attacked the bae to disrupt the chemical-weaponization of Medusa which was in its final stages."

  "General Kruger, you mean to tell the Space Command that EUROCOM was exceeding its jurisdiction by creating and investing alienonic biological warfare?"

  "General May, EUROCOM's duties are to protect France from all European threats and I can assure you that the Akaatan are not of this earth. In conjunction to our duties, EUROCOM has quietly and effectively created a virus that can and will be able to destroy the Akaatan and any other alien threat. However, the production of Medusa is both costly and dangerous."

 "General Kruger, you ha...."

 "Ladies, let us remain calm. The Medusa virus is a vital asset to the new French space Command Structure, however, we must move towards establishing more weaponry and a greater arsenal of troops to expand into the vast unknown. The V.S.F Napoleon will begin making trips to Mercury where the Imperium has given us technological wonders to terraform the planet and begin both colonization and extraction."

 "As you are aware Prime Minister Chauve, NORCOM wishes that they be in charge of this space exploration program." 

 "I have to Object Madame Prime Minister, EUROCOM has been leading the development of interstellar capabilities and militarization of our space capabilities." 

 "Ladies, General Sazaki has made it clear alongside CEMA Maximillen that the Space Command will not be structured around North Command or European Command soley However, as Diane made it clear, EUROCOM is best equipped to lead this effort and such, I believe EUROCOM will handle our military aspect of the French Space Command and NORCOM will assist with peaceful exploration of Space in conjunction with EUROCOM." 

 "Generals, The CEMA and Prime Minister have drafted orders for you to report to EUROCOM for debriefs before returning to your Command Posts." 

General Sazaki, The Chief of the Joint Armed Forces, and the Prime Minister left the Space Command in Bern. The Napoleon was set to leave for Mercury within weeks after its crew completed extended training and the Armee de l'espace was well equipped for a possible year long deployment. 


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The V.S.F. Napoleon rose slowly from its port in the classified advanced naval development base in the Arctic. The V.S.F. Napoleon was the first test of the Ceaser-Dreadnought Class of Starships for France. Under the thick winds of the Arctic, Capitan Maurice Dior a highly skilled and decorated officer of the French Marine. His new mission required the utmost of focus. 

Bridge of the V.S.F. Napoleon  

Commander on Deck! 

Commander Dior walked up the large fleet of steps onto the Bridge of his new ship. As the Napoleon flew into Orbit, it saw the stations and ships of the other Earth nations. The Napoleon's primary goal was to establish the shielding of key sectors inside Mercury to begin the terraforming of the planet. 

The Armee de l'espace diverted 3,500 of its Ground Forces complemented with 20 Foch-Interceptors, three Lecrec Tanks, and twelve Tiger Helicopters were transported by the Napoleon and delivered by the Ship's troop transporters to the surface of Simocadia. The Inner-rim planet was one of two sources of Agrocite, a rare mineral used to power the Napoleon's Turbo-Cannons and other armaments. The French Military had purchased some 2,000 tons of Agrocite, however, it was very expensive to purchase and the planet of Khorm had begun to stop its supply of Agrocite to France. The French Armee de l'espace was tasked with landing in the city of Simocadia with a diplomat to arrange the ownership of a handful of mines on the planet or to forcefully claim the mines and defend them at all costs. 

"Commander, Brigadier-General Lousie is hailing us from the surface.”

“Roger, put her through Antione.” 

"Yes sir”

A hologram of Brigadier-General Louise appeared in-front of Commander door. 

"Commander, it is good to see you."

"Likewise Brigadier-General, what is the situation on the surface?”

“Not good, there is heavy smoke erupting from the main city. I’ve sent some scouts to recon the area and report back, we’ve established control of two Agocite mines and I have our translator with platoon detachment surveying the local populous to find out information on the city and contract local workers.”

“Very good Brigadier-General. I will take the rest of your troops on board the Napoleon and head to Mercury. It imperative you maintain control of the situation. If the situation deteriorates contact the ship immediately.” 

“Copy Commander, Viking-Actual out.”

“May the stars guide us Louise.”

“May the stars guide you back Dior.” 

The V.S.F. Napoleon jumped to light speed as it headed to Mercury. On the Planets surface, the French Armee de l’espace dropped troops to the surface to begin terraforming the planet. The device donated by the Resorian Government would allow the French Spatial Marine to begin terraforming the planet. It would cycle the carbon in the atmosphere and replace it with Oxygen eventually enriching the soil to provide provisions while cities are developed. Within two years the planet would become self-sustaining and an additional five to eight years the planet would drastically develop similar attributes on earth. The Napoleon would hover over the surface delivering supplies and occasionally check-ups by the senior command. The 2,400 strong crew and auxiliary 70 pilots ran exercises, pulse-ammunition live-exercises, and other simulations to ensure combat readiness. Inside Commander Dior’s private office, a message was awaiting him from the Bern Command Center. 

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