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On Children

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Recently, someone has said some dubious statements, one of which was explicitly on children, which really brings the raising of children into light.

The first dealt with children developing beliefs and understanding how the world and interpersonal relationships work in context of provocation where the expression of opinions was compared to objectifying others.

The second dealt with ignoring the establishment of precedent from negligence against worse examples.

Children deserve to be raised to understand that when others are expressing opinions, that does not mean those people are jumping to conclusions about who others are on the inside, and this especially applies when it comes to appearances.  The fact is people will find each other emotionally appealing or not based on their appearances.  Does that mean personal evaluation should cease there?  No, but it does show what others' find likeable or not.  If anything, withholding this information creates a mystery where children can wonder why they are or are not getting along with others, yet don't get any answers so they're left at a loss.

Second, children deserve to know what standards exist when it comes to good or bad behavior.  If children observe others behaving a certain way, yet those people aren't disciplined, then children will anticipate that they can at least behave less than those people.  When selective treatment is applied towards the lesser example, it at least suggests that authorities are playing favorites which creates animosity and doubt towards authorities as if they can't be reliably depended on to uphold standards.  

Frankly, if you can't accept these two points, then you shouldn't be around children yourself nevermind raising children in your life.  You will end up exposing children to becoming hypersensitive in believing statements are offensive when they're not, and you will confuse children on the definition of standards when holding people responsible for their actions.



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