Mocking Sharia is wrong? I'm Racist? Really?

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Warning issued by Erin Brockovich
5 hours ago
Given 1 points which expire 01/13/18 06:29 AM
Note for member
Reason for warn: Mocking and Racism 

Type of warn: Forum Rules Violation

Mods who supported this warn: Inanimate Carbon Rod and Erin Brockovich


Your post has been reported for mocking muslims but also being racist. After investigation, we found that it does mock the Islam faith, but the post seems to be used to attempt to prove a racial point.


Refrain from these type of actions, and you should be able to avoid further warning points. 


Please follow all forum and subforum rules, please and thank you.


So I have my thread locked and I am warned for two reasons apparently. 

First my parody of the infamous "women are worth half a man in whatever the hell". So... mocking sharia law, you know, sharia law, is bad apparently. On a factual basis mind you as well... however this is small potatoes compared to the labeling me of a racist... for a thread involving many different types of women... where I make no insulting point towards said women and my own posting has me pick 4 women of different ethnicity. 


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Please read the Moderation Support forum guidelines.

This is an open discussion forum.  It's purpose is for players to ask questions or make proposals relating to policy and rules ONLY.  This forum is not for filing reports, making complaints, discussion of game mechanics, or making suggestions pertaining to the game.  There are established forums for each of those issues. 


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