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~From the desk of the Chancellor of The Economic Federation of States~


I am Pegleg, Chancellor of The Economic Federation of States (EFS) and well, let's just say that by looking here you are making a step in the right direction if you hope to make unrestricted trade!

We are formed not that long ago, as in minutes before the writing of this, yet the principles the EFS operates on are not all that new. We work around the object of unrestricted free trade with all nations of the world. A minute tax rate of 2% towards resources ensures a stable supply in the central bank for bigger purchases that will be payed out to every nation that belongs to the EFS. We don't pick sides during war times. Instead we supply each side with as many supplies as we can as often as we can.

If you feel like you may be a fit for an executive position feel free to contact me via PM on site.


Note: This post will be updated as time goes on


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