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Recognition of Hostilities with Kentucky and DoW on Missouri

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Following a brief skirmish with stupid foreigners, the NCRST (CLT) has been forced to retreat. One soldier volunteer (go away ATF) stated, "Deez dumb Norgerians are a shit ton harder to fight than rioters."


Heavy casualties were taken due to the lack of body armor and being used to fighting against people using molotovs and rocks as opposed to a gun. 




Artist's drawing of WISD0MTREE before battle. 


Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge


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The Kentuckians tried to use dirty tricks such as calling the feds, but the Calvin was having none of it. The Calvin Body Count continues to grow. 

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"When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads."


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As the war progresses, a trail of damage is left behind. Even though many claim that civilians and innocent people were kept out, they were still affected. Many lost their homes, family members, and in fleeing the war, they had become displaced refugees. Even though these warring parties paid no attention to the mess they left behind, other people around the world did. Rbca of Naboo came in with her humanitarian aid to help those left in a grief-stricken world.

"In a world of hate, we must be the message of love," Rbca says.

With the humanitarian group on ground, there should be signs of improvement in the post war areas of wreck.

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