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  1. By all those alliances, you mean it took 25 people to take down 17 of you. That seems like a pretty even fight, and you guys had the advantage of having a full military at the time, and the knowledge that a counter attack was coming.
  2. Its a shame Grumpy got attacked for absolutely no reason, and its nice to know you still have no idea what you are talking about.
  3. That's good because the peace was for Sparta, and you are in GPA.
  4. FYI, our war with Sparta is over, we will not engage in any new wars with their members besides the two members currently in Vaca Mode, who we reserve the right to hit when they leave. They have also agreed to not accept any outside aid for their rebuild. All members on both sides are allowed to complete their battles but besides that this thing is over. A large shoutout to Hogwarts for their assistance, and our other friends who came to our aid like Guardian, TKR and tC. That's all I got, Murder She Wrote is about to start so I am out. -Sweeeeet Ronny D.
  5. This is 100 percent true, some of the most vindictive and terrible leaders I have ever seen to play these types of games have been have been ladies, not to say that is true for all you ladies out there, but I would say from experience, a good 60-75% of you.
  6. To be fair, Pre did it with just about every alliance he ever led, and a huge portion of people here love him for it.
  7. This video is how I describe this war so far, Us in Grumpy are the old man just trying to watch a football game, and Sparta is over here acting like a bunch of jerks and sucker punching us from out of no where! Then some outstanding bystanders jump in to our defense, we are left bleeding and disorientated and eventually Sparta tries to hightail it out of there once they realized that this isn't going to end well for them, I haven't decided who Sparta's yappy girlfriend is yet, I am open to suggestions. I do apologize to Sparta for comparing you to Panthers fans, its not really fair to you guys no one really wants to be a Panthers fan.
  8. It's thursday, take your damn pills edna. Dont forget the little blue one, you always forget that one.
  9. You actually knew that, but your senility is showing up again.
  10. what?!?! why you no talk to me Vosunda? we are fighting, its a close one right now, Exciting! I haven't heard a peep from you.
  11. This is why I have Sam, she is the smart one on our team, and helps neutralize like 85% of my stupidity.
  12. i wish, i have been up till 1am the last two nights. I gots to work!
  13. What the heck is going on here? If there should be any pissing contests in here it should be between Seabass and I. BK take your shit outside, the whales are fighting here. (well not me so much, im just getting my butt kicked.. but you know other whales.)
  14. As the leader of Grumpy I can say for a fact that, TKR was not going to hit Sparta.
  15. Thank the lord for the Orbis World Leader Summit for saving our asses!