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  1. that's a dumb thing to say, you have 17 cities, he has 8, that would be like me saying to you, that with my 27 cities i would stomp you one on one...
  2. i didn't think anyone is actually deterred by nukes. and why you guys talking beating little 24 city nations?
  3. to be fair to Kastor, there are probably atleast another 10-15 alliances that could protect him who he isn't under right now.
  4. There are all kinds of things you can do, I already gave you a bunch of them, but I am not here to teach you how to play this game, I guess that is the "advantage" I have for being a selfish older player. And yes I do get grumpy when people post dumb crap on the forums trying to change game play to make their lives easier.
  5. Its politics and war, if you cant win the war thru game mechanics, then use politics to win the war. As a huge ass nation myself, I personally am pretty tired of people coming on here complaining that large nations have an advantage. Guess what? we should have an advantage, we put a ton of work and effort to become large ass nations, who honestly are already at a disadvantage because we can be hit by a huge number of nations that we cannot touch. Now if you don't think its fair that people dump military and then are able to double buy and crush you, then join an alliance that has coverage to protect you against that, or make friends with an alliance that can back you up. Once they double buy their NS shoots up and they become vulnerable to people who they cant double buy against. If you beat them down enough times, and not let them steal from you, they will stop hitting you because its not profitable for them to do so. Stop trying to change the game to make your life easier.
  6. most active alliance is Grumpy, and its not even close, unless you can find me another alliance that has daily activity from 100% of its members.
  7. Wait Greene was one of those people that sends mass emails to everyone in the game? I take it all back, burn him and his alliance (by association) to the ground. Wait till his ashes stop smoldering, and then burn him again.
  8. 500 million is pocket change, especially considering your largest member spent like 6-8 billion on cities for his nation in the last month
  9. Look at that Sparta! I am a damn saint to deal with, compared to these clowns.
  10. oh fragg-a-tag... I wonder when you will figure out that the only thing your "wars" do is help your opponent, and hurt your allies. Having had the displeasure of trying to work with you, my guess is probably never, but you keep doing you I guess. I can only hope that I only have you as an opponent and not as an ally.
  11. sounds like victim shaming.
  12. 300 million? i could be so lucky...
  13. Upper tier nations can be strange and fickle beasts, corralling them sometimes proves difficult. Especially if they don't work for me.
  14. Bastards is also acceptable.
  15. if you do it, you do it right, nothing worse than doing it half assed and then failing. And I swear to god Part, if you keep referring to us as GOB instead of Grumpy, I'll hit you myself.