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  1. I see, though this is still a very rough idea so I'll be glad for any kind of revision. While I don't mind things made just for RP, I just feel as though if a noticeable chunk of gameplay is dedicated to RP, it feels a little underwhelming in a way.
  2. As Micchan corrected, this is intended to be a feature in the game and not in the forums
  3. Not really the main intention, no, since it is just a feature I believe can intertwine between RP and in-game. But as a side effect, it does nerf those nations with low approval.
  4. So I know that at this moment of time, public approval rate is just for role-play reasons and I thought that perhaps this can have potential in-game values as well. With government type and policies as modifiers, here is my thought: at around 60%, the material production will decrease from its usual rate. At 35% there will be infrastructure damage from the "riots" that erupt from the streets. Less than 10% and your population begin to whittle away. All three of these aspect do stack up on each other and continue to grow more significant as the percentage nears zero.