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  1. Hello from Alexandros o Megas and Defcon 1 Alliance! DEFCON 1 is a new Alliance in game but mostly composed from experienced players of similar strategy games. Our Alliance page is here: and our Forums are at: Join our Discord channel at: http:// We would love to have you in our Alliance. Been in an Alliance means training, protection, financial support in game etc. If you are interested message me in game for further instructions. Kind regards Alexandros o Megas
  2. How about Board Games? Like Chess?
  3. Hello and welcome too SoT!! P&W will be the game for us
  4. Thank you very much Zeebrus! I hope this too!
  5. With pleasure at any time at, etc. we can have a few games. Nice to finding you too here. "They"? Who are "They"? ... Hoping I didnt arrive too late here ... Orbis seems very interesting planet to grow my nation ...
  6. Hello Jerry! Yes I am still there since 2008 and in another since 2006. A friend from the "unamed" invited me here and I am with him now here too
  7. Hello to all game players here! I am Alexandros o Megas (Alexander the Great) of Makedonia (Macedonia), a Hellenic (Greek) new nation here. Very active player in similar nations simulated games during the last 13 years but only 2 days here. Hoping for a great and long lasting experience to all.