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  1. I lied there is no justice. frick it all to hell >:(
  2. The glorious Hippo himself will save me from my demonic ways, you say? THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD YET.
  3. Mission accomplished :3
  4. Damn, i clearly made the wrong decision picking alliances! Look at how unflat i am, 9 cities and 14.3k infra? SHAMEFRU DISPRAY
  5. And don't forget the creepy smiling cloud whose REALLY behind it all. Stare at it IQ. Memorize that heartless, evil glare, and that menacing smile. This is your real enemy, pulling all the invisible strings you talk on and on about, and even some you don't! It's all true, and more. May Sheepy have mercy upon your souls when this terrifying creature vulcanizes into action. No one else could save you if they wanted.
  6. You can't no me you're not my mom
  7. Don't tell me what to do.
  8. *begins plotting to lure senpai into a trap and keep him there forever so no one else can see him ever again* I mean bake cookies for all the wonderful readers with his likeness, certainly nothing creepy or illegal going on here, no siree bob!
  9. Sheesh Dio, you're not trying to tell people you're easy are you?
  10. Another day of frightful staleness plagues the world of Orbis The players clamor for the next great hero of Dynamism™ A glimmer of hope shines, why on this day does TKR stretch well beyond three-hundred-twenty-thousand? Will Orbis finally be saved from the clutches of infinite boredom, by a long awaited skull smashing? Alas, it was simply not to be For all the hope which the people of Orbis had born on that day, was indeed slain in a fell instant As TKR unleashed their anticipated wrath, not against anyone relevant of meaningful, but against... Arrgh? For... raiding? Seriously? Oh boy. The people of Orbis shuddered, and desk manufacturers quintupled their sales to meet demand for objects to smash ones head into due to frustration. From her perch on Mount Olympus, Akuryo too was most disappointed, until it occurred to her Only an idiot would declare war on Arrgh with a bunch of useless nobody's to stop raiding! Thus she took herself to the Oracle, for a real answer. The Oracle obliged, and all became clear! Akuryo must warn the people of Orbis, do not fret! There is something interesting after all! Look, upon my vision given by the Oracle! Indeed only a fool would declare war on Arrgh with a bunch of people who can't even hit them, just to stop their raiding But it is clear, the issue is Arrgh's unfaithfulness! From the very beginning, Arrgh could never keep itself to one alliance! Always going to and fro, looking for the next exciting conquest! It was only a matter of time, before a few scorned alliances would punish them for such behavior! Though, in the future, pick a punishment they don't enjoy... This concludes what is probably obviously my first attempt at making a meme. Special thanks to @Dr Rush who taught me some crash course video editing to even make the attempt. If this is terrible, i highly suggest you blame him, it's obviously his fault and i am completely innocent and should not be held accountable in any way. Good night, Orbis!
  11. You don't know that.
  12. I can explain! I shall tell all shortly in orbis central.
  13. It's ok Verin, i'm sure Boki will let you do the honor pinning medals on all the relevant people when it's over :^)
  14. Inb4 Ceberus goes bankrupt like Lord and merges into polaris or whatever