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  1. Ooof almost as if you hate it when somebody halfheartedly calls someone out for trying to spin facts. Go back to pretending you're Jay-Z so I can go back to pretending i'm Elon Musk, Thanks.
  2. Well considering they're still seperate entities... Yes
  3. Who do you think you are coming into their thread and posting accurate facts?! Shocking, really is shocking.
  4. Real life representation of me while reading this thread.
  5. Q

    Yes, Now is the perfect time to attack us, We have nothing to help us fight!
  6. Wait... You're saying it isn't? That's not surprising, This is an obvious move to take us down!! Edit: Not that we're up or anything
  7. The wrath of Lordship is strong
  8. But sharing is caring
  9. I'll also contribute this
  10. Wait until tomorrow and you can have one <3
  11. I'll see you on the battlefield
  12. I'd upvote you instead of commenting, but i've ran out of my daily upvote allowance
  13. By the looks of it, That is exactly what Queen M, Kenny and You are trying to push.I've read this entire thread and you're all saying something happened but refusing to post your own evidence, Instead you're all saying "x person has evidence" or "x person witnessed it" Post the god damned evidence yourself or stop crying. All of you.
  14. Can I steal that? I actually really like that phrase.