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  1. Congrats to all parties involved..
  2. I did it for you, you're welcome Alex.
  3. "but you have utterly exhausted my Christian nature. I asked Jesus to keep me near the cross, but this injustice keeps pushing me further away with every hour that you all continue with your !@#$shit." Religion is shit anyways.
  4. Coups are distasteful. That is all.
  5. Or if you want money, Host games and have a friend play away games...
  6. Why? Who genuinely cares about their win-loss ratio? As a lower score baseball team, You'll benefit from playing again bigger teams (Assuming you're hosting games) because you get more money.
  7. The "massive" piles of salt are a bit depleted nowadays
  8. So this is what the OWF has turned into eh? A cluster!@#$ for irrelevant micro nations !@#$ing about irrelevant micro alliances?... cool
  9. Jeeze, why's Kastor so salty?
  10. It's !@#$ing FOOTBALL, But yeah I'd much rather Football than Baseball
  11. Looks like we're never sleeping again
  12. As do I
  13. So, Right now you have to click 'Alliance' and load up the page for the dropdown boxes to show (shown below) I propose that you make the arrows toggleable, so when you click the arrow, it'll expand the dropdown boxes without you having to load up the page. I know it's only a minor thing, but it's been bugging me for about a year now lol
  14. Congrats on the rebrand!
  15. !@#$ing hell Shift hahaha