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  1. From The Desk of ChuChu Fraggle - Director of Club Membership The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings to all the great nations of the world. And a hearty hello to the others. Today is when we roll out our new exclusive membership club. We welcome all new members and have many levels to choose from that will fit your budget. Please refer to the list below for a description before contacting our call center for membership. Copper Level: This level is Fraggle Rock having indifference for you and will wish you a happy birthday That is only 2 million a month. Bronze Level: We will put you on the last to nuke during an alliance war list. You also receive parts of our intelligence briefing. Only 4 million a month. No birthday wishes That becomes an add-on. Silver Level: Now silver level is where anyone should consider spending their cash. For only 5 million a month, you get placed on the do not nuke list unless in extreme situations. You also get locked in on the food discount rate and get more of the intelligence brief. You also get one month free after 5 months. Not a bad deal. Gold Level: Includes everything above plus a diplomacy package and direct access to the Fraggle Rock Loan and Collections Department. Rates vary and this package is not offered to new members. It is earned over time. Platinum Level: A true Fraggle Rock Club Member. You have proven your desire to be friends with the best of the best. Your membership is highly sought after and limited. Only four nations have ever achieved this level. Can be earned or revoked at any time. Here's an example of our membership card. When you receive your card, please refer to your membership number when dealing with the main office. They will direct you to the proper department. We look forward for many to join!! And of course.....join us on Discord: You're Great, ChuChuFraggle
  2. See what happens when you allow the liberal elites access to all the incorrect information? Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:07 PM did you ever play those old-ass flight sims My dad had some, joystick and everything turns out taking off in a plane is pretty easy but landing it turned me into a 9/11 generator Liberal Elite Number 2 - Today at 1:08 PM yeah I played a few Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:08 PM So you turned into the government blowing up buildings from the inside? What a weird thing to do Liberal Elite Number 2 - Today at 1:09 PM 9/11 was when the planes hit Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:09 PM What planes? Fake news. Building Seven Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:09 PM Yeah! Especially so because there wasn't even an interface in the game where you could leave your plane And yet I still had people on the inside Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:10 PM That would be a great're a pilot and there's a side mission in where you need to set up a governmental conspiracy Your chemtrails makes the population nervous hold on this actually might be a great game Liberal Elite Number 2 - Today at 1:11 PM sounds like you listen to too much Alex Jones Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:11 PM you start off as a student pilot and there's a story mode in where you either become a successful air force pilot or take the wrong path and end up crashing a plane into a building TheLostCause - Today at 1:12 PM Well tv and internet says otherwise Liberal Elite Number 2 - Today at 1:12 PM decides to wander off before it gets too heated Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:12 PM I know tv and me to have a long friendship Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:12 PM That is like 4 degrees of hearsay tho Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:12 PM Never lied to me before Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:12 PM Technically I barely even know I exist, let alone people saying stuff/tv Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:13 PM Well I woke up this morning with the fake news media trying to tell me a whooper of a story Fake!! And FYI...Puerto Rico is not part of the US....thats what the liberal elites want you to believe. They are part of Cuba and we lease the land and people from Cuba So why would we waste our resources and cash on Puerto Rico when it's a foreign country named Cuba ran by the Soviets? hmmm?? Think people Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:14 PM Yikes this upload went in my first try That means my 1000 line + text document didn't have a single error in it Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:15 PM And my President got 200 million votes. Not the 55 million they want you to believe. Liberal Elite Number 1 - Today at 1:15 PM While I was basically ignoring my work to talk to clowns I am way too good at this job Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:15 PM If the people knew the truth of how badly he won....they would just give up on the system But you all just buy into what the Illuminati controlled mass media has to say Liberal Elite Number 1- Today at 1:16 PM Seeker of Truth when you go postal your neighbors won't be baffled Seeker of Truth - Today at 1:16 PM FAKE NEWS
  3. Extended Interview With Fraggle (Because Ripper felt the need to cut the best parts): jack3top: ahem thats interesting... Will there be a chance you will change your playstyle in the future and follow the more "standard" path? like the path Im in?(edited) WemblyFraggle: Normal? Who is to say what is "normal"? I once knew a man named Adebisi. He was considered to be a cancer to the system. But there were many layers to him. Sure he might have cut off the head of an under cover police officer and was known for prison rape...but it was the sub context that people always over looked. So to place a label on Adebisi or myself would be to not know who we are. jack3top: would you like to share some short and long term goals you have in mind for your nation? WemblyFraggle: Fraggle Rock lives. We have always done what the muppets want to do, regardless of any short or long term goals. Sure we have tanked the nation a few times to achieve short term pleasure. We do this not for us, but for the Merovingian bloodline. We take our space from his knowledge in conjunction with the sun god. jack3top: what advice do you have for gullible newbies that want to follow the path you took? I mean aspiring newbies WemblyFraggle: Again, to label new people as new defeats the purpose of this. Nobody can view this experiment as new or old people, dumb or smart, wealthy or poor. I kid. No I don't. It's true. Any nation can achieve what they want. We go through this day in and day out to fill a need. Some have bad intentions. Some have pure intentions. The vast majority is only concerned about themselves and how not to better the world. That's fine to a point. My French Canadian friend from Tonga would disagree with most of this. Fraggle Rock tends to agree with this person. jack3top: what advice do you have for others to survive ths storm as well? WemblyFraggle: Listen to your heart. Follow your brain. Jog more in the afternoon to get a solid sweat. Be prepared for whatever happens. Have three days of food and supplies ready. Prepare the vehicles with at least three quarters of a tank of gas. jack3top: when do you think the storm will occur?(edited) WemblyFraggle: Nobody can ever predict that. Anyone who tries to control the weather is either a liar or a snake oils salesperson. All we can do is be prepared. We go on and on and hope for clean days. Sunday Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday Friday, Happy Days. The weekend comes....and maybe not so happy. Who can correctly predict anything? jack3top: mhmm From spaceman thrax "what would have happened to D'Angelo Barksdale if he'd got transferred to Oz" WemblyFraggle: Alright. D'Angelo was born to circumstance. Sure his mother and uncle (Avon) were also born into the family, but the pressure placed on D'Angelo was apparent from the start. He had no choice in life. While he believes that he has a higher awareness of his situation, there is nothing he can do to change it. Walking away will not work. His only true escape is the drug use that will lead to his ultimate downfall. The warning signs were there for others to see, yet they did nothing because he was most useful to be used as a pawn. So his life in Oz would be very similar. Intelligent and street smart, he would not be taken advantage of right away. Clearly he knows Kenny Wrangler, and would fit in well with Poet. But this would only lead to the same issues that caused him to end up in Oz. So at best, he might become a number 3 or 2 for the homeboys. But his issues and drug abuse will kill him, or have him end up in a plot that sends him to death row. Avon, if there, would only cause more harm to his nephew. jack3top: could you give some background of the names you mentioned like D`Angelo and Avon?is this from some tv series or what? WemblyFraggle: No. Just some people from the neighborhood jack3top: your neighbourhood? WemblyFraggle: A neighborhood that I am aware of
  4. Solid tips that have been said and not followed. Would have loved to have been with your street smarts. It's refreshing. I'm also against a change, as with most will come out of no where and have a more pressing impact to the game overall that makes zero sense. The current system is fine, if people know how to use it. Which few do.
  5. From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings to all the best nations of Orbis. And a hearty hat tip to the others. Right down to business. As I was going out to pick up the mail this morning, I found a laser disc labeled "Watch Now....Duck And Cover". So after three pots of radish infused coffee, I fired up the old VHS system and went looking for the cables to convert the laser disc to VHS format. Needless to say, six days later I got around to watching the film. It''s something else. I really can't describe it.....but you can see it for yourself. I'm not entirely sure what this means. But my feeling is that hairy Ape is loose and it is time to remember him. Here are my four favorite quotes from Apeman: 1) "Happy Building" -To The World Before The Last Nukes Went Off 2) "Where did the bad Ape touch you?" - A Weird Courthouse Scene 3) "What did Fraggle do this time?" - Said Too Many Times 4) "Attack TKR and you might as well attack NK." - Not Said Enough To get the dumb hairy smelly Ape back.....he needs his ego stroked. Please only reply with your favorite quotes from him. He might come back and enjoy his land and people again. Let's get him back, Uncle Traveling Matt
  6. The key is missing. There is no putting the hairy monster back in. All we asked was to be left alone. It was simple. The list has connections to others. You have had the chance to come clean. It's on you now. Best of luck. The missing nukes won't be near enough to make up for the losses to come. He has a good sense of humor for an Ape. I miss those conversations. Instead, lately it has been all smashing the bars to the cage and drinking vodka. I tried. I honestly tried.
  7. James II of Tieixiais has won the prize with the correct passphrase. He is the owner of 10 nuclear weapons from Fraggle Rock. Well done.
  8. From The Desk of Uncle Travelling Matt The Nation of Fraggle Rock Through my many travels, I have witnessed greatness. I have decided to give away ten nuclear weapons. You tell us what to do with ten of our weapons. You can have us decommission them, launch them at anyone of your choosing, have us keep them, ect. But you'll need to tell me the secret pass phrase. The first to solve the puzzle will get to do whatever they want with ten of our nukes. Answers are the characters who said the line. Best of luck. 39) Hawk. Electricity is humming. You hear it in the mountains and rivers. You see it dance among the seas and stars and glowing around the moon, but in these days, the glow is dying. What will be in the darkness that remains? The Truman brothers are both true men. They are your brothers. And the others, the good ones who have been with you. Now the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dream of time and space. It all comes out now, flowing like a river. That which is and is not. Hawk. Laura is the one 5) It's not just the money. It's a pride thing. All our food. Pizza. Calzone. Buffalo mozzarella. Olive oil. These !@#$ had nothin'. They ate poopsie before we gave'em the gift of our cuisine. But this, this is the worst, this "expresso" shit. 182) Nobody even knows what we're talking about. Scratch your face with your finger if it was over twelve dollars. Go ahead, just scratch it. Was it over twelve dollars? [waiter scratches his face] Oh, for God's sake. What an !@#$! Let me ask you a question. Was it over fifteen dollars? Just tug on your tie up here. Was it over fifteen? 29) I go at him respectable. He put that goddamn shotgun in my face, man. I’m looking at two goddamn tubes of the Harbor Tunnel staring right at me. Each one about yea-big. I damn near piss my pants. 71) You know, sex is not a dirty thing. Sex is not a crime. It's a loving act between two or more consenting adults. 2429) I broke that birdbath for you 'cause I knew how much you hated it 'cause we're the same. I hate that !@#$in' thing too... A stork wrapped around a tree branch, that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen before. You know how the plague started back in the day, was from a little disgusting birdbath in someone's backyard that rats made sex to birds in it and created a whole new type of AIDS. 47) I grew up in the ghetto. Pops died when I was 10. I had to quit school, support my family by doing some of everything, from shining shoes to shooting craps. I went to Vietnam, where they taught me how to kill small children and women. I've been in all kind of penitentiaries from Arizona to Alabama and back. And I say all this not out of pride or shame. I just want to make sure that you grasp that l already grasped how things work around here. 8) You're fired. You're fired for costing this company millions of pounds. You're fired for insubordination. You're fired for lack of character! 323) Did you know that according to Worthington's Law, the opera singer who called himself the "Great" Caruso was nowhere near as great as Sammy Hagar, the Red Rocker? So, shut up, Caruso! 12) Yeah, just barely. The cops are like butchers, always got their thumbs on the scales, but good luck arguing that in court. Let me get down to brass tacks: I'm gonna get you a second phone call. You're gonna call your mommy or your daddy or your parish priest or your Boy Scout leader and they're gonna deliver me a check for $4,650. I'm gonna write that down on the back of my business card. Four-six-five-zero. Okay? And I need that in a cashier's check or a money order, doesn't matter---actually, I want it in a money order. And make it out to Ice Station Zebra Associates. That's my loan-out. It's totally legit. It's done just for tax purposes. And after that, we can discuss Visa or MasterCard, but definitely not American Express, so don't even ask. All right? Any questions?
  9. From The Desk of Fire Chief Fraggle/Wembly Fraggle/ Or Whoever I Put In Charge A Few Months Back....I forgot The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings!! It's been a while since anyone has heard from me. The new forums are pure crap and not really worth posting here. It's like people don't want others to have fun and enjoy ourselves. But that's the same with the entire game. People (Alex, and his cronies) want to ruin what can be great here and go make another half baked idea. Whatever I guess. Well as you can tell, this post will be long like a few others and some things might be said that will be taken out of context. That's fine. I'm not here to explain much. Just to tell the truth. The real truth. And nothing but that truth. So the big news of the upcoming week? Not the eclipse. Come on. That's nothing to concern yourself with. Happens more than the Illuminati Controlled Mass Media wants you to believe. I kid. No, I don't; It's true. It's the same people who want to sell you flimsy glasses to stare into the sun. You'll pay 4 dollars. Everyone will. That's the plan. Make millions upon millions of dollars doing the one thing your mother said not to do. But again that's not the big news of the week. It's not the masses gathering to view the sun. Sure, given the climate (not the real climate which may or may not be changing by science, men and women, or dinosaurs), but the political climate. Don't you think the governments want us to gather together and stare at the sun? Of course they do. They will be watching and taking notes. You know this already. You are smart like the others. But you will go and look at the sun because the ICMM told you it only happens so often. Believe what you want. I will believe it as well. The big news of the week isn't the sun. We covered this already. I need you all to focus on the larger issues that directs us all at once. It's me. Of course. What else could it have been? I'm bigger than the crowds gathering to stare at the sun. I am bigger than the sun. I am bigger than anything else you will ever know. Why is this true? Because I say it is. You sheep will follow me to either glory or doom. It's going to happen. You can resist. You can complain. You can cry and go on Twitter or Facebook and say all the bad things I may or may not be doing to you and your family. Go ahead. You are only making it harder for yourself. So a little girl and pedophile walk into the woods. The little girl looks up to the pedophile and says "It's dark and scary out here". The pedophile looks down at the little girl and says "You're telling me.....I have to walk home alone". The other day I had to rotate the tires on my Jeep. I do this not as often as I should, but I also take pride knowing that I do it myself. So I was in a hurry because we were packing for the family vacation. I only had about 2 hours to do it and I forgot where I left most the tools. So the first hours was me looking for tools. Anyways.....I was rushing and had two tires off. I got distracted and tripped over a tire. Fell straight on my knee. It hurt. But that wasn't the bad part of that. The bad part.....I couldn't put too much sun screen on it the next day and the knee got sun burnt. So I walk around this past week with a stiff knee. Not the best way to get around. Hot air balloons? That's an amazing way to get around. So the big news? Not the sun. Not my knee. Not the dog days of summer. It's my nation. I am sick of this game and need a change. So here it is. I'm open to going anywhere and being used for any purpose. I don't want money. I don't want resources. I don't want anything but crazy. You come up with a plan.....let me join your alliance and let's do it. Sick of sitting around and wasting away here. The game is stale and it's because they want to make another stale game. Screw it. Let's have some fun. I will go anywhere and do anything. I leave you on this........I enjoy myself. Leader of Fraggle Rock (Honestly forgot who I left in charge) The Nation of Fraggle Rock
  10. I strongly disagree with this statement. 70 plus drinks of wine made a great time. Let's try to top that.
  11. A Joint Statement from Uncle Traveling Matt and Wembly Fraggle The Nation of Fraggle Rock Uncle Traveling Matt: Fraggles of the Rock!!! The day has come!!! His knowledge is falling upon us. Thousands of you will gain entry to his infinite wisdom via the rocks from above. Those left will have to sacrifice more. We clearly do not know his plan. We are not worthy of his knowledge right now. In time, we will submit more and gain the wisdom needed to sit upon his lap. This is the moment we strive for. Unconditional knowledge through him. Wembly Fraggle: Go outside. Gather those falling boulders of knowledge. Accept it. Let it fall onto you. Let the crushing weight bring you closer to him. Uncle Traveling Matt: We shall not question his plan. We are here for him and his knowledge. Let the rocks fall. Let the rocks rain upon Fraggle Rock.
  12. I believe you and wish your new alliance all the best. I just wanted to point out how not to spy on me and then demand for me not to attack. Nothing against you. For all I know, you are a great person. If you need anything, let me know.
  13. 07/08 01:39 am Dillon A McCann of Ramsy has executed an espionage operation to gather intelligence about your country. They were not successful. 07/08 01:39 am An unknown nation has executed an espionage operation against your country. They were not successful. From: Dillon A McCann Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:27 pm Do you agree to not attack me, or my alliance? From: Fraggle Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:31 pm Seen I'm not signing a non aggressive pact with you after you spied on me. Drag this out and it wont be pretty. I dont plan on nuking you. Thats the best you'll get. From: Dillon A McCann Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:48 pm I spied you. Is it that big of a deal? From: Dillon A McCann Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:49 pm If you don't plan on attacking me why don't you just sign the non aggression pact? From: Fraggle Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:49 pm Seen Ok. I will nuke you over and over. Will that be a big deal to you? From: Dillon A McCann Date: 07/08/2017 Saturday 12:50 pm Yes. It will be a big deal. 07/08 01:17 pm Your nation was embargoed by Dillon A McCann of Ramsy for the reason listed of: Lying and nuking. 07/08 01:02 pm Dillon A McCann of Ramsy sent your nation a trade offer. Dillon A McCann wants to buy 1 food in exchange for $15,000,000 each, or a total of $15,000,000. Off to a great start.
  14. From The Desk of Wembly Fraggle The Nation of Fraggle Rock Welcome home Uncle Traveling Matt!! After speaking with the Fraggle Council, we realized what you were saying. There are only 140 of us left. When you went to seek knowledge, there were only 139 of us. 139. 1 3 9. 1 + 3 + 9. 13. We didn't know until you pointed it out. Something was off. I am sorry for the loss of Gobo and am willing to make it right. For this reason, I will now step down as leader of Fraggle Rock. You, Uncle Traveling Matt, are our new leader. Guide us. Give us knowledge. Point us to the truth, We are ready. To all the remaining Fraggles; We need to become one. No more division. We are Fraggle Rock. Strong together. Uncle Traveling Matt will lead us and we will thrive under him. WemblyFraggle
  15. Nation Nukes Launched Eaten FraggleRock 150 55 1 Shut it down......I win