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  1. And before anyone asks......yes you can place a bounty on your own nation.
  2. From The Desk of ChuChu Fraggle, Director of Nuclear Bounty Hunting (NBH) The Nation of Fraggle Rock Howdy! I was sent here to discuss the current piss poor shape the bounty system is being used.Let's take a look at the current nuclear bounties. 2018-03-10 1:21 AM Kosmonia kosmokenny Score: 6,159 Fark HeirNuclear$25,000,000 2018-03-09 2:01 AM ExLt Nation KillzBob Score: 3,307 Fark MemberNuclear$20,000,000 2018-03-12 2:57 PM Dabsion King Dabs Score: 2,365 United Nations of America LeaderNuclear$15,000,000 2018-03-07 7:36 AM Gauchiopeia Baronus Score: 3,850 Bad Company LeaderNuclear$12,000,000 2018-03-10 11:21 PM Colonial Union of States Phoenix II Score: 4,898 United Purple Nations MemberNuclear$10,000,000 2018-03-08 10:25 PM Great Bedford Rozalia Score: 5,600 Roz Wei LeaderNuclear$10,000,000 2018-03-07 9:54 PM Central European Union Conner Temple Score: 3,818 Advanced Idea Mechanics MemberNuclear$10,000,000 2018-03-07 10:50 PM New Zion Culdee Score: 4,957 Guardian MemberNuclear$10,000,000 2018-03-07 10:51 PM Israel Matityahu Ben Zeev Score: 3,762 Guardian MemberNuclear$7,500,000 2018-03-14 6:15 PM United States of Kings Chief Santiago Santi Score: 241 The Communist International MemberNuclear$5,500,000 2018-03-14 6:15 PM United States of Kings Chief Santiago Santi Score: 241 The Communist International MemberNuclear$5,500,000 2018-03-06 12:09 AM TIEIXIAIS James II Score: 6,570 Alpha HeirNuclear$5,000,000 2018-03-06 12:39 AM South Yorkshire Boki Score: 2,983 Cerberus LeaderNuclear$5,000,000 2018-03-06 1:01 AM Nowy England Darth Revan Score: 3,968 House Stark LeaderNuclear$5,000,000 2018-03-06 5:06 AM Republic of Finland Killlman4 Score: 3,243 Principality of Zeon HeirNuclear$5,000,000 2018-03-06 1:01 AM Zygon Zygon Score: 4,237 House Stark LeaderNuclear$5,000,000 2018-03-06 1:20 AM Jah Keved Lordship Score: 3,170 The Knights Radiant HeirNuclear$3,500,000 2018-03-09 7:09 PM Mountania Alex Score: 131NoneNuclear$2,500,000 2018-03-06 12:55 AM Arabia Abu Muthanna Score: 2,213 Nuclear Knights MemberNuclear$2,194,457 2018-03-07 8:07 PM Central European Union Conner Temple Score: 3,818 Advanced Idea Mechanics MemberNuclear$2,000,000 2018-03-07 7:16 PM Arabia Abu Muthanna Score: 2,213 Nuclear Knights MemberNuclear$1,942,749 2018-03-09 12:26 AM Arabia Abu Muthanna Score: 2,213 Nuclear Knights MemberNuclear$1,283,535 2018-03-07 9:25 PM Nueva Granada Don Juan Score: 9,580 Grumpy Old Bastards OfficerNuclear$1,234,567 2018-03-06 1:05 AM Fraggle Rock Fraggle Score: 5,540 The Game Is The Game HeirNuclear$1,111,111 2018-03-12 9:57 PM New Roma Victa Kyle N Score: 790 Arrgh OfficerNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-12 2:48 PM The Dark Fountain Naryb Score: 1,333 Black Knights MemberNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 11:03 PM Macworld Madden8021 Score: 7,190 Pantheon HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 12:46 AM The Evenstar Thalmor Score: 3,790 Knights Templar OfficerNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 10:17 PM Soviet Russia Vladamir Putin Score: 3,605 Knights Templar HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-10 8:13 PM Felandia Joe Baker Score: 8,865 Grumpy Old Bastards OfficerNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 12:46 AM Republic of Finland Killlman4 Score: 3,243 Principality of Zeon HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-05 11:59 PM Principality of Zeon Zhen Score: 1,910 Principality of Zeon LeaderNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 12:13 AM Resistance Apeman Score: 10,010 Nuclear Knights LeaderNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 12:22 AM Jah Keved Lordship Score: 3,170 The Knights Radiant HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 12:23 AM New Roma Victa Kyle N Score: 790 Arrgh OfficerNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-07 11:17 AM Emerald Bank Seb Score: 5,685 Durmstrang LeaderNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-07 11:24 PM Purple Yui-Land Yui Score: 3,545 Purple Flower Garden LeaderNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-08 12:11 PM Gran Pulse Lightning Score: 5,150 Rose MemberNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-05 11:53 PM USNG Henrich Score: 2,797 Roz Wei OfficerNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 2:08 AM Soviet Russia Vladamir Putin Score: 3,605 Knights Templar HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 3:02 AM Chimichanga Iven Odar Score: 255 The Knights Radiant MemberNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-10 12:33 AM Gladius Samwise Score: 5,166 Grumpy Old Bastards HeirNuclear$1,000,000 2018-03-06 8:32 AM Order of the Tree Psweet Score: 1,452 Silenzio HeirNuclear$1,000,000 Ok so there are a few issues here. Depending on who you speak to, a typical nuclear weapon costs around 6 million to build. There are 34 nuclear bounties out there for under 6 million. Nobody in their right mind would even consider firing up the war machine for that price. Sure it has crossed our mind to just do it, but again it's very expensive to do a nuclear run for that little. There are a couple bounties between 7.5-15 mil. That's also a bit low, but if enough are out there, there's profit to be made. Now there are two interesting bounties. Both on Fark. One for 20. The other for 25 mil. Those seem to be reasonable bounties, but the issue here is that there is only two of them. Say there were 4-6 nations with bounties over 20 mil a piece. That would be perfect for a nuclear rogue to take a crack at. Now if all 4-6 bounties were in the same alliance? That would be even better. It would give the nuclear bounty hunter a solid position if countered and had plenty of nukes to lose. One Million dollar bounties are funny.....but I just don't see somebody doing it. So here's the deal. Before you post your bounties for less than 7 mil, just don't. Instead, send us the cash and we will build a nuke in your honor. Better use of cash. And we'll even consider dropping it on you for an extra fee. Win, win. So in the end....please stop with senseless bounties and instead, send us your cash. It can be better used. That's all. Oh, also.....I have no plans on nuking Fark......they aren't worth the effort....unless of course.....someone placed 4-6 more bounties on them worth 20 mil each......then you'll have my attention. Many Hugs, ChuChu Fraggle
  3. From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings to all the nuclear nations of the world. And a hearty hat tip to the others. As we have been busy with the new arrival to Fraggle Rock (Cian...what a name) we haven't been around to keep up with the drama of the forums. Typically we only come here to search "Fraggle" and read our know the random musings, or the random nukings, or the stories of buffoons falling for our silliness. So we came here to search our name and saw many a thread in where people are naming us in different ways. "Fraggle this, Fraggle anit shit if you anit Fraggle....ect." None really caught our eyes until we saw Mr. Bet. He is going to be awarded the highest Fraggle honor for coining an unit of measure: The Fraggle Ratio(TFR). So y'all can band together and build your nukes, but you will always have to mention The Fraggle Ratio when you try to brag. Continue on, and congrats to Fark. You guys did it. Now let's see those be used in an interesting way. The Fraggle Ratio Fraggle Rock: 322 Nukes TKR: 65 Nukes: 4.95 TFR BK: 213 Nukes: 1.5 TFR NPO: 75 Nukes: 4.29 TFR KT: 64 Nukes: 5.03 TFR Rose: 46 Nukes: 7.00 TFR Fark: 1001 Nukes: 0.32 TFR Alpha: 536 Nukes: 0.60 TFR SA: 349 Nukes: 0.92 TFR NK: 277 Nukes: 1.16 TFR Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  4. From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Nation of Fraggle Rock Because of course the community's suggestion were all trash, except for Zeeb. Keep being creative and fun Zeeb!!. So The Best Ever Nation, Fraggle Rock has decided to go through with its plan to have a giant Nuclear Keno game. What is Nuclear Keno? Nuclear Keno is a fun game in where the top 80 nations will represent 1-80 on a normal Keno slip. People will be able to bet by guessing which 10 numbers will be randomly generated. Once the numbers are pulled, The Most Handsome Nation, Fraggle Rock will lob a nuclear weapon towards that nation. If a VDS knocks down that nuke, that number will not count and a new one will be drawn in its place. Example of random drawing: Here is your keno ticket: 17-20-26-42-46-50-55-64-72-78 Timestamp: 2018-03-11 18:30:14 UTC So Nations ranked 17,20,26,42,46,50,55,64,72,78 would all be declared on and have a nuclear weapon launched at them. How much can I bet? You can bet up to 10 million dollars, per slip. What if I am inside the top 80 and don't want you lobbing nukes towards me? Tough Poop. What if I want to stop this and spy away all your nukes before you can do this? That would be fun, but it would be a waste of time and effort. Just take your nuke on the chin and have fun. Can I trust Fraggle not to run off with my betting money? Normally, no. But there will be a third party nation that will collect up all bets and pay out all winners. Fraggle will not just run off. She is committed to nuking 10 of the top 80. And if this goes well, we can continue to do bet large and bring support. When will this global event take place? By the end of April. We will give notice to all before hand. What if I am scared and want to get out of the top 80? Go ahead......nobody is stopping you. Can I pay you to rig the numbers as to not nuke my nation? Yes you can, but again we don't plan on being the people pulling the numbers. So feel free to pay us, but it won't matter. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
  5. Clearly the world isn't thinking large like I would..... Seeing how I got to thinking.......I believe I have the best idea. NUCLEAR KENO By June 1st....The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock, will be able to hit anyone within the top 80 nations. I will take all Keno bets 1-80. Pick 10. Payouts will be the same as any Keno game. Fraggle Rock will have a third trusted nation draw the numbers and I will nuke those nations one at a time. This idea is going to the top of the list. Anyone who thinks it's dumb doesn't get it.
  6. Ok. Option one will be nuking the whales. Not anyone specifically, just all of the whales. What else you got Orbis? Going to have to tempt me with a bit more than 35 mil to get me nuking for bounties. 37 mil? I'll do it.
  7. From The Desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings to all the friendly nations of Orbis. And a hearty hat tip to the losers and fake news spreaders. I bring a quick update about The Best Ever Nation That Has Ever Been, Fraggle Rock. So we've been busy. Don't worry though, as we will be back into a solid routine soon enough. Sure you might think you got away...but your day is coming. We have created and failed to maintain a real alliance. Hard to do so when you reject the very notion of alliances. Seriously they are god awful. So onto the point of this. Wait one quick detour. Cheese. Oh yes, cheese. Glorious cheese. Back to the main point. We are tapped out of great ideas. Half of the Fraggles want to nuke the entire world. The other half are useless...but still have a voice......until I fix that. So come June 1st.....we need to either poop or get off the pot. So we have time, but want YOUR input. Yes even you...the lonely scab of a nation that doesn't believe in itself. We will have 400 plus nuclear weapons and want to have the world decide what to do with them. We welcome any and all suggestions. Then I will toss the best five on a poll and the winning choice will have their dreams come true. So it is....tell us what to do. You can do it!!! A Few Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt P.S. Clearly we can override any dumb decisions, but given how well Sheepy rolls out updates, nothing dumb comes from this community.
  8. What do you care? You don't fight wars anymore.
  9. The Trial of Fred Fraggle From The Nation of Fraggle Rock Presiding Judge: Convincing John Fraggle Please bring out the first witness, Red Fraggle, and have her describe the events. Thank you Fraggle Judge. As the great people of Orbis know, as well as The Excellent Fraggles of the Rock, I was tasked to negotiate an end to the massive war. I was making great progress and was about to report back to The Fraggle Elders on how to proceed. On my way back, I was attacked and stuffed inside the Fraggle Freezer. No Jacket!! No Scarf!! No Fraggle Cold Shoes!!!! Nothing. Just tossed in. Left to the cold!! At first I thought it was grumpy Boober Fraggle trying to keep me away from the elders...... I would dumb muppet...... occurred to me that I had my Fraggle camera around my neck and it took a picture of the "Fraggle" who attacked me!!!! Fraggle Judge.....May I present the picture I have for this "Fraggle"? Please submit the picture you have Red Fraggle As You Wish Judge Fraggle................My Camera Caught "Fred Fraggle"........
  10. The Trial of Fred Fraggle From The Nation of Fraggle Rock Presiding Judge: Convincing John Fraggle We gather here today to proceed with the case of Fraggle Rock v "Fred Fraggle", case number 29187391357828109386.3 The accused is charged with the following: 1) One Count of Misrepresentation of The Best Ever Nation Fraggle Rock 2) One Count of Fragglenapping Red Fraggle 3) One Count of Failure To Properly Identify Your Fraggle Self 4) Four Counts of Failure To Sing The Song of Songs Feenie Fraggle, Please go retrieve the accused. Will Do Boss!! Here is the accused Boss!! How does the defendant plea? Keeps Pumping Iron ........NOT GUILTY!!!
  11. From The Desk of Red Fraggle The Nation of Fraggle Rock Stop Orbis Stop!! That previous message came from my brother Fred Fraggle. He locked me in a freezer. He is a traitor to the negotiations. Neither side has agreed to anything. My shameful shameful brother Fred shall be locked up in the Doozer Jail. Disregard the previous message and continue the war folks. Many Hugs Red Fraggle
  12. From The Desk of Fred Fraggle The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Orbis. I bring great news to the world!! In a completely unexpected turn of events, the war is ending!! IQ has decided to buy peace. Per the settlement, all parties of this war will stop all hostilities in twelve hours. The terms that can be made public are listed below. It has been a pleasure to work with both sides to end this great war. 1) All parties involved will stop the fighting and shake each other's hands. 2) The secret fee to Fraggle Rock will be paid within 8 hours. If this payment is not made, war will continue. 3) Partisan will not plot against Fraggle Rock for selling him out. Many Hugs and Tons of Kisses Fred Fraggle
  13. From The Desk of Red Fraggle Chief Negotiator The Nation of Fraggle Rock Greetings Orbis!! I am back from my fact finding mission. Before my exploration of all the key facts, I was indeed uninformed of all the parties in this war to end all wars. For that, I am not sorry. I feel dumber now, for knowing all this crap. So I'll put down my enlarging glass and lay down my knowledge..... Partisan and crew are bullies. This we can all agree with. While they only seek peace and the honor of a princess, they want to achieve this in a war manner. "IQ" apparently this is a group of alliances. I honestly didn't know. They have sent Mister Taco to speak with me. I have reached out to others, but seeing how none have come forward, I will be deciding all based on conversation from Mister Taco? Is this really how you want this to work out? He's a taco. Oh well. It has come to me attention that Partisan and company are actually winning this war. Like big time. They've looted over a billion and have crushed four times the amount of infra. This was news to me. I honestly thought they were all bluster. No way a handful of idiots can do this amount of damage to an entire bloc of nations, right? Apparently Partisan and his group of monkeys has paired down their demands. 1) Peace 2) Honor of a Princess. They don't want the person, just the honor. Whatever crap that is. 3) Full payment for my services. 4) 2 dollars to be split between all of these dopes. I believe "IQ" can come to this tables and hammer out these details within 21-300 hours. Until then....keep pumping iron. (Side note....that video by Dr.Rush might be the funniest thing ever on Orbis) I don't get the context....but I chuckled. That's high praise for this crowd. Many Hugs, Red Fraggle Buttercup-Today at 7:40 PM I think that's a bad way to look at this. Partisan sent me because apparently you guys refused "white peace" Now let me explain something to you. I don't know what that means Taco-Today at 7:42 PM If you wanna speed up the peace process, help us burn some pixels