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  1. I thought that too
  2. I can do it at 4.1K per piece at 1200 steel
  3. I have sent it
  4. TBH he doesnt go on twitter that much
  5. Oh sorry it didn`t send but would you mind it to be in PNG (If you say Yes it will send this time(Say Yes))
  6. Because it is DONALD TRUMP what else does he do all day, his logic is More Business = More Tax Revenue . he can always put the back up when there is more businesses
  7. I missed CS:GO out but I Team Fortress is more of a First Person Shooter then a battle royale H1Z1, Fortnite and PUBG have had the most sales in the last year then CS:GO
  8. What is the best battle Royale game on the list
  9. Bye, have a good time
  10. Just rubbish really
  11. I have sent you some on discord
  12. Reducing the cooperation tax was good for big businesses wanting to come over to the USA. I dont think that Trump will ever give America a decent healthcare system because he cares more about other things.
  13. What a very important announcement
  14. No one