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  1. Over at UNA banking we have lots cash flying in the air waiting to hand out loans, So if you are looking for a loan of any amount please give us a look, All we ask is that you make payments on time and always add an extra payment turn or two as you never know what happens. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfhXXRu5NZdEQRIMnhW6Cmc0uP37XNsgKR9GetZyH5EOrvYvQ/viewform Good luck all.
  2. Also just to point out only due to someone having 6 or 7 cities and new to the game can still see the massive flaws within this and how it will massively effect the game in a bad way, no trolling was meant but my replies was to the level of the OP, complete silly and way off the mark.
  3. I feel you should read the op again, the issue with this for me is the fact Zeb and his alliance will collect 3.5% interest on money coded in, if even at the start it was done by investment would soon be replaced with coding if its lost. Why not just code a bank in for players to invest or loan from and totally remove all aspect of a player based bank and thats what this world bank would be, it would be run by Zeb therefore a player bank a private bank.
  4. From the looks of it Zeb and his alliance would collect the fund and the interest and therefore control the bank its not coded in
  5. Again my problem isnt having cash ready for smaller nations, my main issue is the fact an alliance will make tons of money (3.5% on all loans) on cash given to them and protected by coding
  6. Yes I have that privilege, however that was not the point, my point was it is by far the safest way to protect your in game money, sure you might lose some cash but if done correctly you can make money from trading them, however it was food for thought some alliances do have 500m spare not all but some. As to the lower nations taking out loans, join a good Alliance and you will get help and support to grow and not simply cash placed in hand with no idea how to spend it?
  7. And that's the problem, whoever run this so called world (private) bank would get millions in interest without ever the need of investors as the money will just be printed out from the sounds of it, this will cripple all markets and pretty much cause people to leave. just a side note, nothing is more safer than buying credits, they can not be looted, or lost, and you can use them in time of need, so if you have like 500m sitting about and do not want the risk of it being looted, buy credits easy enough
  8. right now unless you come to an agreement with someone there is zero point in doing away games, see in real life its fine as people are forced to do home and away games so it balance however in PnW its basicly what you wish you could play a 1000 home games and never once play an away game. I would like to see a change on this where the profit is split. however if you have two teams one is level 100 and another is say level 35, home game tickets total is say $25,000 so the split should be 17.5% of the total gate ($4,375) to the level 35 (35% of 12,500 half the gate), As we all know that a level 35 team would not win vs a level 100 so there is zero reason for that level 35 to spam away games, now if he got a % of the tickets you would find more people willing to play away games.
  9. I would like to see something like in Rome empire (if i recall rightly) Where you had to fight a rival and if you made the wrong choice your main leader was replaced with the rival ( you as the player maintain total control however) who had different perks such as 1% boost to Econ, -1% to troops and so on, this would add a whole new level to the game i believe. (this would be vs AI not a player) If a nation leader being replaced is to much, then maybe a Mayor for each city, and each mayor can have two plus effects and 2 negative effects, this would add a whole new level to the game, think about a mayor who has plus 5% income but infra cost 10% more to buy or a mayor that boost moral of troops meaning that each solder accounted for 1.2 of a normal troop totally epic for a Pirate, it also boosts how much resources you obtain, however each soldier cost twice the normal amount to train, maximum tanks are now set at 0.5% of population down from 1.5%, clearly the more cities you have the less powerful each mayor is. this would help the growing or the small nations to grow as well as help and make the game a little bit more fun for the maxed city guys
  10. Could i please point out that you would also be a private bank, unless you are a game mod, an admin then you are just a player and in that case even with Alex offering to code in lost money you are still just another private bank are you not?. As pointed out before Alex could easy code in a banking system where someone could take a loan from the game and have it automatically taken from the profit made each turn, it could even come out before the alliance 100% tax meaning even plays that are 100% taxed have a chance to take said loans and so on. You are still a private bank when a player of the game has control.
  11. How can it run out of money, it has already been stated that the Admin would code in any lost money, so those who fail to pay the bank loses out as the money gets coded back in, so it would be able to loan out 100% more loans than it would ever have investors ?
  12. The world bank is at zero risk as stated Alex will code lost money in, so all the benefits of lending out large sums of cash getting the massive interest of those who paid, and having money coded back in for those who delete. Yes it also totally removes all alliances to be able to use loads and grants as a tool to recruit, as alliances have set rules people have to live by in order to honor the request of said loan or grant, a loan from the world bank does not even need to be honored it seems, as I do not see them being able to force people to pay it back only cut them off from future loans, Unless Alex him self will punish people for failing to repay said loan, then it leads to a much bigger problem for the game. 3.5% interest on a loan, simply to match that of the interest given to investors at private banks, So lets say you loan out 5,000,000,000 the cap of an investor who keeps that 175m earned via interest.
  13. Who will keep the interest earn from the loans ?, if it is you and your alliance that alone would be an exploit would it not, that an alliance makes money via loans funded and protected by the admin, if the interest was 0% or if the interest did not benefit anyone as the money is coded in then would that not be best ?
  14. unless it is coded in to the game, this system will cause more smaller nations to leave than stay, secondly I personally have no idea who Seb is, by his profile he is not staff so i do not think this would be hard coded in, so do not forget bails man who will have to collect unpaid loans. if its built in to the game, the OP does not make it clear then why would anyone blockade they could simply take a loan,
  15. Yes the power of coding, Then WHY wont Alex code in a banking system, where nations can deposit any sum they want and get a daily % added to said sum within the protected bank system that no nation can even raid, a protected vault, in the same bank they could also take a loan from the game and have it taken out automatically at every turn of the game, I am wondering WHY have this if Alex is just going to code in money for you upon any mistakes you make then why not simply code in a bank system, it could be set at % so private banks can still run on some level, I personally think having any alliance in any game having that amount of power to have any amount coded in that they lose put the whole Econ of the game at risk. If i buy Steel in the hope of reselling it at a higher price but find myself short and have to sell early and lose cash that's my risk, BUT you are taking ZERO risk but plan on making a huge amount of cash for no risk at all. What happens if you are raided, or caught up in a war will all your funds be coded back in ?