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  1. lol was xxx still a thing recently or something?
  2. this feels like a whole bunch of problems just waiting to happen... i like it, make me a lawyer!
  3. in the wars to come?
  4. i dont think it took an iq above 140 to know the outcome here.... lol
  5. lol....
  6. Juicy....
  7. lol isnt this the third time hes tried to make an alliance based off someone else idea tho? lmao
  8. lmao! i love it!
  9. Honestly this whole disbanding/rebranding an alliance just stems from the problem we had multiple times. lack of responsiveness and inadequate leadership skills on the personal forum. Id like to hope the best for your new project but i cant help but laugh at it at this point just like how i got laughed at trying to gain support for Guinness in many places and received many attempts to poach our most active members in government...
  10. i can respect that tho. i was honestly kind of joking saying not funny but then if there was a real threat to hawaii id consider that less comical lol
  11. lol... alright im done !@#$ing with you now bud theres no arguing with folks that dont see their own errors i suppose tho oh wait or is that my HUGE GIANT CO- i mean ego... i meant to say ego
  12. you fail so hard you had to make a new alliance to cover up your failure and then posted about it in the forums for everyone to watch me wipe my ass with your bs stats
  13. i did, get over it the fact that you fail at this lol
  14. its time for some screen shots So you mean to tell me that those arent me running your alliance as vice president? i mean you can say what you want we already know your disability bud... id show more screenshots but i have too much evidence of me RUNNING YOUR ALLIANCE to gain score and shit so i dont wanna spam the forums with your incompetency lmao
  15. We likes to party!