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  1. This discussion is starting to get rather heated. We would just like to remind everyone to remain civil and to refrain from flaming each other. Private messaging is also always just a few clicks away if you have personal issues with specific members. Carry on.
  2. This thread has devolved into little more than a series of personal attacks between members. We do not believe any further constructive discussion is possible at this point, and the thread has been locked.
  3. While we have never tolerated sexism on these forums, the forum guidelines lacked an explicit rule against sexist posts or opinions. One might think such a basic stance would not need to be written down for people to abide by it, but, as recent posts have shown, this is not the case for everyone. We have therefore decided to clarify the issue by making a change to the forum rules: the section previously titled "Flaming, Baiting, Trolling, Racism, and Name Calling" has been renamed to "Flaming, Baiting, Trolling, Racism, Sexism, and Name Calling", and its contents have been changed from: to: Carry on.
  4. As a reminder, here is an excerpt of the Moderation Support Guidelines: Additionally, it is against the Forum Guidelines to create posts calling out moderators. If you believe the moderation action taken against you was unjust, you are invited to contact Alex in private with your concerns.
  5. This thread has run its course and has been locked. Discussion about the original topic stopped many posts ago, and it has since derailed into OOC discussion about political convictions.