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  1. @IQ Nominate me please! lol I just want to have a fun legal argument
  2. I thought there was some papers war?
  3. I'm just a bit confused as to what TKR is trying to accomplish.... "An unknown nation has executed an espionage operation against your country. They successfully detonated an explosive in a barracks in your nation. 171 of your soldiers were killed." Welp, guess who cannot raid for the next month now! I demand my $342 in war reparations! You have crippled the other 200 soldiers with the 7.5k tanks.... Also, my 1 ship was destroyed by their 50. Without a ship and my soldiers... looks like Arrgh! will just have to surrender. But in all honesty, when I wasn't in Arrgh I suggested a huge strike on Arrgh to just eliminate them... All the smart leaders (No offense IQ) said it wouldn't work, because it wouldn't actually hurt them very much. The most TKR can really do is increase market prices to help us sell our loot after (Thanks for that btw) But yeah. Anyone from TKR want to explain what their ideal situation for this war is lmao?
  4. So you just want to lose money? Like hundreds of millions lmao?
  5. I'm confused as to why IQ is attacking... you can't really kill pirates and militarizing and de-mill will cost them tons already lmao. Arrgh!
  6. IMU sells nations.... Lolo says Tulip is worth 135mil. Ask lolo to see your price xD
  7. I'm worth 45mil...apparently
  8. Lolo repeatedly says "I have missiles, Orbis will pay for its crimes" xD
  9. Hello everyone, Especially leaders of Orbis. As we all very well know, there is a hidden power thats lurks in the shadows, secretly controlling Politics and War, and everything that happens. They are the strongest alliance to ever be created. Their cities tower over even the best. Their military experience towers over the smartest and strongest, and their knowledge of the game is more than even Alex's. We're all thinking of the same alliance. The Imperial Metric Union. One of their leaders, Lolo, has given us all a chance to surrender, and I saw we save our members and friends! We need to raise the white flag! Don't let their 2 cities fool you.... Lolo has promised vengeance on Orbis when most banks wouldn't give him a loan. So... Lolo, spare us all! Also, leaders, surrender while we still can. Sincerely, Kyle N Update: Turns out Lolo says he can buy members and sell them on the black market......
  10. Ok thank you!
  11. haha ok yeah thanks!
  12. Hey everyone! (I hope this is the right sub-forums) But I was wondering at what point it becomes more cost effective infra wise to go to 2.5k, or 3k for example instead of building another city. I think the solution is just to graph the infra price and city costs and see when they intersect and such. For some reason when I graph city prices it was just a straight line and I don't know why.... City Price: y=50000(x-1)^3+150000x+75000 Infra: Per Level:[((x-10)^2.2/710]+300 Yeah thanks! If this has been done before, just lmk! Have a great day!
  13. Wow, there are a lot of replies xD, but I'd go with Hamilton and some pop
  14. Sounds Cool! I'd support
  15. is that a nomination?