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  1. Claim for the month: (Sorry couldn't find map at short notice, circled in black are claims from last month, circled in green are claims for this month) Post coming soon Thx
  2. OOC: Can someone update this please? I cant see rome's new treaty
  3. The Vergobretus Auxiliatrix of the Head of Foreign Affairs is G, with 78.483% of the popular vote.
  4. Marius is now the Quaestor of Foreign Affairs. He got 59.854% of the vote, with Cato only managing 40.146% of the vote. Marius has promised to try to increase relationships with other countries. He has (so far) made no comment on Zodiac International. The Vergobretus Auxiliatrix of the Head of Foreign Affairs has had its second round. G got 47.384%, H got 36.637% and R got 15.979% and was eliminated.
  5. Governmental Memo: Clearance: FM Level: 2 Colour: Orange Rome begins to send people to investigate, with diplomats and other government members being sent along with civilians that have responded to a hastily put-together online announcement investigating this new ideology. Although now is not yet the time for action, Rome is investigating further. Message: From: The Modern Empire of Rome To: Devils and Angels Subject: Please Explain With all due respect, the Empire of Rome would like to know what you are up to. We do not like your propaganda and suggestions of war. We expect a response soon, Emperor Davo, the Foreign and Military Affairs Teams of the Modern Empire of Rome
  6. Rome and the Regime have a new treaty: "Non chaining Mutual Defense pact, with economic, intel, and trade sharing" in the Regime's words.
  7. The second round of voting is now finished, Marius got 40.729% of the vote, Cato did much worse than expected with 30.848% of the vote, and Pontinius got 28.423% and was eleminated. The final round will be Marius and Cato. the Vergobretus Auxiliatrix of the Head of Foreign Affairs has had it's first round of voting. For effeciency's sake, only the first letter of the politician will be stated. G got 43.927%, H got 27.727%, R got 21.274% and J got 7.072%. J has also been eliminated, leaving just G, H and R.
  8. Ooc: Discussions starting now
  9. The Dictator watched as men walked across the border to the new lands in the Modern Empire of Rome. He had planned a celebration with government officials from the other areas, which was a roaring success. Overall, the takeover was smooth, as many officials stayed on, and others are in the elections. The current government has unanimously voted that the takeover should be used as a model for any/all future takeovers.
  10. Ooc: The first day is going to be today, discussions will be held in discord. Others are still welcome to arrive later.
  11. The first round of voting has happened for the Quaestor of Foreign Affairs. In the lead currently is Cato with 31.728% of the current vote, followed by Marius on 27.834%. Third and fourth place are Pontinius and Quintius, with 20.968% and 20.295%. Going through to the next round will be Cato, Marius and Pontinius.
  12. The first head of Foreign Affairs is officially: Praetor Brutus. The first deputy head of Foreign Affairs is officially: Aedile Cassius. The next election to be held will be for the Quaestor of Foreign Affairs, effectively the third in charge of foreign affairs, and the Vergobretus Auxiliatrix of the Head of Foreign Affairs. Once that is finished, we will effectively have a head, deputy, third in charge, and a executive assistant to the Head of Foreign Affairs. They are the main members of the Foreign Affairs team, so elections will continue to be held, but will not be as far published. The entire Foreign Affairs team will be published in about a week when elections are finished.
  13. Ooc: pls put here if you wish to attend, I think I'll put discussions etc. on discord.
  14. Rome would also like to thank Laurentia for hosting the summit. Rome also believes that Hungadada will do an incredible job hosting the UN. Hopefully it will be a fruitful endeavour encouraging great discussion and understanding amongst nations.
  15. The first role to be filled will be Head of Foreign Affairs. This is due to the invitation for diplomats to come to Rome. Elections will hopefully be finished by tomorrow. This will be followed by the Deputy of Foreign Affairs.