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  1. omg lmfao this is the funniest thread ever. IQ never ceases to make themselves look worse than before.
  2. Merge Fark 😚 Disband KT Roll KT
  3. Is this in guns, germs, and steel? I was unaware of this and would like to see more evidence/writing about this subject.
  4. um I think you guys are forgetting people did in fact flourish outside of Europe and before Europe did. Think China. Think Egypt. Think Mayans. Think Incans. All of these people had a thriving civilization that was well beyond what Europeans were doing at the time. China is still around so kuddos to them. Egypt, Maya, and Inca died out because of European imperialism and disease. One could argue that yes, Europeans developed technology very quickly in comparison but if you take a look at the geopolitical conditions, they had to. It wasn't because they were special. It was because each European nation was surrounded by enemies ready to step across their borders and take over their land. Technology (back then) was a tool of necessity. It is in no way indicative of a higher IQ or cultural superiority.
  5. Oh yes you are definitely minding your own business while you post in public for everyone to see. The fact is you're cancer, a rather difficult one to get rid of, but with enough public support and funding I'm sure one day all of our research will amount to a cure for your presence here.
  6. So you apologize for admitting you're a nazi and then go around admitting you're a nazi? So in reality, your post was basically just saying "I'm a nazi, but don't worry, I won't bring my vile beliefs in-game anymore." But then you also say "unjustly vilified" which seems to suggest your OOC beliefs are unjustified? Seems like bullshit to me.
  7. I see your "reformation" was just bullshit I see?
  8. man this thread is a nazi gold mine. It's like all the worst people in this game came en masse to proclaim "I'm not a nazi! I'm only a racist nationalist!"
  9. Yeah Roz I'm disappointed you didn't capitalize on this meme more. Nonetheless dis a good one. Click
  10. He don't protect de queen. Click click. I spit on him.
  11. Islands are cooler than aisles
  12. I suppose so, but don't confuse KT's self interest for idealistic sentiments.
  13. But theyre not exactly across the isle? They're not IQ. SK I get. But KT hasn't been in a sphere since it's inception.
  14. The only thing KT did was sign paper. I don't see how they did anything to "facilitate this effort"