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  1. Not changing isn't always bad in your case <3
  2. Apollo is a good guy and I wish him the best of luck. As for the rest if the council, not much has changed at all. Bagrat is Aleph's pet, hands down.
  3. Roz, you were clearly using Islam as a shield to make you sound less controversial and so that this thread would be made if you got in trouble. You and many others in this game have been using Islam as a scapegoat and it's just getting annoying at this point. The real question is, why did you make the thread in the first place? What point were you trying to make? Don't say it's "just a game" because if it was then you wouldn't be making such a big deal of it being locked.
  4. Wow these memes aren't even good. You guys are just making yourselves look bad at this point.
  5. As the post says, you will get A LOT of context about the situation if it isn't resolved in the very near future. Have patience, my friends.
  6. For those of you confused, this has to do with a hostile situation involving the Knights Templar. Deus vult, amirite?
  7. It communicated exactly what it was meant to communicate.
  8. does anybody else find it ironic that there's a link in the OP?
  9. shifty
  10. I'd sign this petition
  11. To be fair they don't really have much of an option. It's either consolidate or lose the next war.
  12. jk war is good
  13. Well then it's not simply a "narrative". It's reality. EMC has been consolidating even before IQ existed. I mean if anybody is the queen of consolidation it's EMC.