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  1. Good luck TUE.
  2. Yes, we stronk, GoG stronk!
  3. Fun.
  4. Hmm, what does that have to do with alliance affairs?
  5. I actually expected this to be some kind of poetry when clicking on this. Idk...DoE or something? Don't ask how my brain works.
  6. What have the forums become...
  7. Friends that we are already friends to? Well, more friends are always better, even if it's the same people, right? IQ Wasn't enough, we need our own MDoAP.
  8. Arrgh! Raiding is good! Ish
  9. A while later... Eh, i already ate the nuke you sent,no more please.
  10. Wait... for a sec i thought someone remade VE...
  11. Well I feel left out. Lordrsn sounds fun thou.
  12. Hello there people of PnW! Finally created a forums account after 82 days...