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  1. God I gotta do work again!
  2. Maybe cus the hosting system sucks?
  3. why would we move into Nuke Bloc? It's a MnADP.
  4. 1. Consent We all agree to consent, cus consent is good. Written consent is better. Not attacking each other, that is not consensual. 2. Bail Money Sometimes Cynic blows all his money on blow. That's cool. We agree to aid each other whenevs. 3. Mutual Ooops We all agree that sometimes consent isn't as clear cut and things go down. Whether it's our fault or theirs, and whether we start it or they do, it's all a big fun cluster you know what. 4. NK > SK Since NK > SK, we don't chain. Chains aren't good, chains are a no no. 5. Hatred Runs Deep My Child Yeah, this ain't going to last. At least give us 72 hours though. Sincerely, NK, who is better than SK FB, who is better than Arrgh!
  5. So, is this a joke or a shitty meme?
  6. Finally, a treaty I approve of. You must be so proud.
  7. So Fraggle ended up here? Seems appropriate.
  8. I think I need to drop acid to understand that.
  9. Can we downrep in PnW too? Please? That way he can cry about having the most negative rep ig too.
  10. Our allies have bets on mergers, Cynic leaving alliance and Cynic leaving game. I think @Abbas Mehdi is heading that department.
  11. Your parents. Also, you're grounded. No more PnW for a while mister!
  12. Fearless forces trudge on to wail of a war horn. They march with heavy hearts and thoughts of home, now long forlorn. As they gazed upon the field through clouds of freezing breath A familiar taste fell on their lips, The air was thick with death. Cynic trudged down the line and met each set of eyes And from beneath his beard erupts a mighty battle cry: "Hail us, the wicked ones, rulers of land and sea We must assume our rightful place, fulfill the prophecy We've traveled over oceans, by the might of many men We've come to far to not take back what is ours again" Our purpose has ensured our acceptance amongst the ranks With those share our beliefs, we will reach unrivaled strengths. Enshrouded in darkness, we've obtained a most unholy fervor For ever loyal to the cause, for life a faithful server. You cannot hide, you cannot run Know that we've arrived, but our mission's just begun. We are soon coming, to take the throne. We are soon coming, to reclaim our home. Our thirst, bound by blood, growing stronger every day. The calling will be answered, but for now we drift away.
  13. Welp, I am sad that this thread dried out... Good luck Dios on your next alliance that you stole the name from a prior alliance.
  14. If the loot is worth it, then so is the raiding...time to go! Arrgh!
  15. Merge Zodiac so we can have all their treaties Disband UPN so they don't beat out having the most treaties Roll KT for the memes.