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  1. Really hoping for a part two.
  2. Shhh...our plans for world domination are going to be revealed if you keep this up. Oh shit, I said it. Look what you made me do.
  3. To all those who care and those who are wondering why I posted for two micros, We hereby recognize that Monsters Do In Fact Get Drunk and sometimes need help. To aid in their recovery from alcoholism, we propose the following: Sometimes shifty happens and sometimes we care: We will occasionally aid in time of war, but most probably not, as this truly is just a NAP masquerading as a ODP. Sometimes shifty happens and we need to party: We will occasionally aid in time of peace, but most probably not, as this truly is just a NAP masquerading as a PIAT. Hold Harmless in case shifty happens: We will never, I repeat, never be aggressive and agree to pay all reps that may result of such crap happening. Sometimes moans and groans: We will review in a month and may upgrade or dismiss. Otherwise, either party has 72 hours. Thus saith Lord Sheepy, Diomedes, President of Guinness Fien Zinfi, Vice President of Guinness Shifty Stranger, Only Member of Monster Island and King of Lulz Please Note this is a temporary treaty and mainly for the lulz, anything that comes out of it will be purely accidental.
  4. Still waiting for our NAPODP
  5. I like how he says "everyone" and is the only member.
  6. We support alcoholics recover by giving them some city aid and a pint of Guinness. Or you can join Kastor's latest mess or go ayy lmao and join BK. Up to you.
  7. *moans* Oh yeah...
  8. You can nuke me any day ;)...I want to remember when we were young naive and thought TKR was the right choice for we know it's Arrgh!, beautiful Arrgh!.
  9. Can somebody translate Kastor's try at cleverness?
  10. tldr version; Buorhann !@#$es once more on the forums.
  11. IF we are still on this, I use NAP treaties to wipe my ass. NK disapproved, so I am now low on toilet paper.
  12. Wait, but we can still nuke you correct?
  13. Dear Potential Members and Current Haters, Don't you want an alliance that you can grow with? An alliance that will fight for you when you are attacked, especially by someone I hate? Then I have the solution for you! Grab a Guinness and join the alliance named after it! At least we don't rely on ass puns to recruit, and we have aid to boot! In-game Or on Discord Stay awhile and listen...oh wrong theme. Sincerely, Fien Zinfi
  14. Finally, you guys got real allies! Good luck and godspeed to both of you.
  15. Oh this is missing something, hope it's not to late... At least IA is putting on the I'll go bang my head against the wall now.