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  1. "To love the journey is to accept no such end. I have found, through painful experience, that the most important step a person can take is always the next one." Hail Lordship Hail CreepyLurker Hail TKR good luck 😉
  2. Aww, the fire wizard is leaving???
  3. Hi

    Lol you're supposed to make your own post but anyway welcome to PnW! This place is perf....great. This place is great. Hope you have fun.
  4. Hi

    Hello love. Welcome to PnW!
  5. 1st fails 2nd fails 3rd time's the charm lol, good luck for the new alliance mate. Hope the phoenix survives!
  6. TKR has come a long way. Wow. Once top 30 alliance, now the number 1 alliance. Congrats to lordship.
  7. Hey there, welcome to PnW. Have fun
  8. Welcome to PnW
  9. A new challenger appears LOL, best of luck to you guys
  10. Lol, welcome to this shithole. Have fun!:)
  11. Could have an option that helps the gov check if a nation gets espionaged. As in the control panel could also show if any nation was espionaged. For example:if the person's spies were caught, a report could show us what kind of espionage, when, and which member was spied. If the spies were successful but were detected, a report could show us the espionage was successful or not, and in place of the nation name, it could be labelled "X". The same goes for the other way around.
  12. Could we have a city simulator that allows us to experiment with different combinations of buildings and check our revenue affected by it. It would help a lot. Thnx
  13. Could we update our current simulators. Right now, it calculates a small part of the battle. I suggest adding a option that allows us to configure our situation such ground control, air control, etc.
  14. Thnx you too
  15. Well, I wonder what changed.... nothing