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  1. Wow! Italian language!
  2. Buon appetito to you! I'll bring the wine
  3. I don't care so I'm going to make a post about how much I don't care so you know I don't care. Here's the post you were all waiting for. Now thanks me.
  4. No BK posts are making you go crazy more than what we can ever achieve posting. (Well, that's my immense skills in editing images.. be kind with my try! )
  5. QI:22+
  6. As they are getting help from others, can you add that wars to the total? Would be nice!
  7. Hello Orbis! I'm Bortwald and I'm here to introduce you Horizon Bank and our services we offer! First off, here's a brief introduction to Horizon Bank. Together with xSTRYKAx, LeotheGreat, and Pheonix, we founded Horizon Bank a couple weeks ago. While based in BK, we are privately owned and not government affiliated. We issued 100 million shares upon opening, and they are all sold now. However you can approach other shareholders and buy off their shares.. Shareholders elect a board, and so on; yes, we're just another private bank. We focus on working with alliances, but we are obviously open to work with single nations as well. Let's be honest, we invented nothing new. We offer loans, issue bonds and offer safe places to keep your alliance’s reserves. So, why us? First, because our rates are very competitive; contact us for more info: (contacts below). Horizon Bank, even if quite new, is a place where you can trust We care about every customer as if they were members of our own family. All people that work in Horizon Bank are trusted players who know what they are doing thanks to their own real life background, and in-game experience. We are crystal clear; you can always look at our spreadsheet and see how the bank is going. So definitely come try our services, you won't regret it! You can find our discord server here: Ask to whoever you find online for info or just ask help to Horizon bot simply typing ?bank . You can also contact in game me, xSTRYKAx, LeotheGreat or Pheonix. Hope to see you soon!
  8. I'll try to explain my idea with numbers, as it easier for me. Nation A starts the day with 100k soldiers. He discharge 30k soldiers (30%of the total). For the rest of the day his daily maximum recruiting will be lowered by 30%. The day after by 25%, then 20%, than 15%, etc etc.. Or: If a nation discharge army (not if that nation loose soldiers in a war, only if discharge) his military score will be lowered in 5 days, 20% score reduction every day.
  9. I have a friend that use a nickname that starts with "D": you have sooooo much in common: you wanna merge with him?
  10. You can look at the daily production as it is allready the portion that the gov takes.
  11. Posting new offers. Sell/buy dosn't matter, when you click 'create offer' you may get captchas
  12. There are already captachas for posting offers.
  13. Good luck guys! But.. Caesar IS the emperor! And that flag.. chop one head of the eagle, pls!
  14. Your are right, at least a portion of italian population talks like you said, but nearly no one of this ppl would really like to live under fascism. To go against current gov everything works, but nearly no one wants a dictator back Prolly it's the same of souther usa states: they talk about civil war with dreaming eyes but if a civil war would erupt they would not fight for slavery.
  15. Destroying monument is fuking crazy, man! I'm italian and we still have fascist monuments and a lot of building from that time. Schools, hospitals, municipalities... On the other side we have also a law that say that "fascism apologia (defence of fascism or creation of a new fastist party) is illegal. So we keep the monument and jail today fascist. Simple! Besides, it's crazy deciding to destroy confederate monuments and keep monuments of the era when Usa ppl killed american indian and put them in reserves. You american have even a historical park for manhattan project! Keep the monuments. History is written by winner, let looser have some statue, at least.