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  1. When you defeat IQ so badly that you gotta disband and flee to various other alliances to hide from the army of 14 city nations coming to roll you. #JustPartisanThings
  2. You know it, hitting stage four yourself?
  3. Extensive response to IQ member detected.... Is it snappy? ..... Affirmative...... Deploying memes....
  4. Have we hit step four yet folks?
  5. In case Kastor's is too confusing, I've made my own:
  6. Seems reasonable, I'll go sign more treaties then to counterbalance it.
  7. ...... ...... ...... Shit.
  8. Be Roquentin Browsing the OWF as one does. Sees thread about TKR and clicks on it. "TKR are actually cowardly pricks who are worse than NPO and are sucking up to Roq to not be losers." Roquentin:
  9. You couldn't afford me, but sure.
  10. This is all just the audition tape TKR is going to submit when they apply to join the cool kids club IQ. Hitting Arrgh is quite literally the least they could do and still flex for NPO.
  11. Shame that the stunts of an idiot gov had to take the rest of the alliance down with them. Oh well, let's see how well the Emperor protects....
  12. Seems reasonable. I for one welcome our new NPO IMU overlords.
  13. We are The Inquisition. Cancel your treaties and surrender your nations. We will add your material and city count distinctiveness to our own. Your alliance will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.
  14. Well my pictures bugged out so just F
  15. They do not subscribe to the economic teachings of NPO, and are thus not good communists.