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  1. Thanks for the assist, friends! Merry Warmas!
  2. Congrats on the upgrade! o/ Poalris o/ TUE
  3. o/ Polaris I'm happy to be resuming the Polaris-Avalanche relations! Here's to a fruitful alliance!
  4. Happy American Thanksgiving, y'all! I'll keep this brief so you can all go back to your holiday. I am pleased to announce Avalanche has finally made it to Orbis! Our page: Our discord: Protected by Seven Kingdoms, ODP with Advanced Idea Mechanics Here's the charter! I look forward to hearing from you! -Minion Rouse, Alpine Patroller
  5. Man, what a cool alliance this is. Wow. Love it.
  6. Congrats to Andrew on becoming our newest High King!
  7. I recognized it, it's the one that got me interested in joining!
  8. I was wondering how long it would take to get one of these. Nice!