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  1. Do you say this to the dozen or more alliances in PnW who have existed for a while with that other game roots? Have you spoken to Pacifica or Polar about this?
  2. Nah they are experienced
  3. Well this was chaos.....
  4. I appreciate the your thoughts on it and explanation. I wasn't really trying to be oh look at the hypocrite, more just like "really?" regarding the situation in the other realm. I mean you and I have fought hegemonies together before so I was shocked about decisions in that other realm. Anyways back on topic
  5. Wait Roq, You've complained about a dominant side and all top alliances being treatied to each other and adding more and more allies.... This... Wait... But..... wow....
  6. This should be a good time. We have plenty of spare coats to go around, because remember Winter is Coming...
  7. I was late to the party but it was nice working with you all, good luck in the future! Also wear a coat, winter is coming!
  8. Actually I would say your SJW uber sensitive and seeing racism around every corner is actually society at large now, so it is you conforming to what society wants. While I do not truck with racists and disagree with them fundamentally I also don't see racism in words that are close to other ones... Niagra falls must be a racist waterfall right?
  9. Wow, Are you that dense? Do you know anything about the members or have any proof they are nazi's? My alliance is House Stark which is another House from Game of Thrones, House Arryn is the house of the hand who dies at the beginning of GoT, who's wife is the sister of Eddard Stark of Winterfell. So instead of thinking hey maybe they are using a prominent house name from a very popular book and TV series you go straight to, it's kinda similar to a racist ideology so without any other proof i'm going to assume that.
  10. Do you really not know Arryn? and that it has nothing to do with Aryan? i mean, wow.... I'm speechless, i really hope you are just trolling
  11. Yeah I think the first alliance I remember ever doing this was one in some far away land by the name of Planet Bob, and that alliance was Gramlins. They were very selective and an elite economic alliance, if the mists of time are correct, probably didn't want n00b dragging down their statistics...
  12. Wait so i've been hanging out in an unannounced alliances server? Uncool man, uncool. Some of my favorite people though, so I declare war Congrats!
  13. We will miss our friends in foursquare, congrats on the merger though!
  14. A great and storied history this one.
  15. Welcome PC, it's been good to see you again. As long as that other guy doesn't show up Welcome!