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  1. Sure enough! Thanks. Weirdly, though, it appears that the URL tag works around the IMG tag as shown below. This code: Outputs this with clickable sections: I'm not sure why it works inconsistently.
  2. What were you doing (or trying to do): I was trying to post a reply containing the the [url] tag in an alliance announcement. What happened: The reply showed [url=]City Planning Guide.[/url] instead of "City Planning Guide" as a hyperlink to the spreadsheet. Link to page: N/A Any other relevant information: - Previously working tags in other posts have since stopped working and appear the same way. - Not sure if related: the last comment on three announcements is from a nation that was created yesterday (10/1/17) and is not in our alliance. In fact, there are no comments in those announcements. Additionally, the nation id=0 which takes me to my nation. Screenshot: ^ Broken BBCode URL tag in reply to announcement. ^ Broken BBCode URL tag in announcement posted a while ago. ^ Random commentor. Not in our alliance and created yesterday. ^ Nation results for search "Luo". ^ Nation ID=0
  3. You know what's more valuable than pixels? Good friends. Every soldier killed, every ship sunk, and every missile eaten on behalf of an ally will strengthen our resolve to defend our brothers in arms. Cities can be rebuilt and warchests can be refilled, but good friends are not easily made and should be cherished above all else.
  4. Glorious. This has been a long time coming; now we get to work together forever and ever!
  5. Ah man, there goes the neighborhood!
  6. Player retention is a solid goal. Keep up the good work!
  7. Good stuff! I expect free drinks...
  8. Hey! Congrats, you two. It's always exciting to see a successful launch from the nest.
  9. That was great! Well balanced and informative content. Keep up the good work - I can't wait to read the next issue. Sorry about the pictures, man. That sucks!
  10. I'll drink to that! I love the way RUM makes me feel.
  11. Cheers to being environmentally friendly and keeping the game interesting for 1000 days. 🍻
  12. Sweet! Good luck, dude. I will certainly listen to the recording.
  13. Cool idea! Good luck, folks. I will probably buy a ticket.
  14. What were you doing (or trying to do): Find my API Key so that I can make use of the Alliance Bank endpoint. What happened (describe thoroughly please): There is no Key in the API Key section of my account page. Link to page: N/A Screenshot: (if available)
  15. How do students who play together at university verify that they are not the same person? Has that been encountered before? Is there any way I could show you that we are indeed two separate people? Suppose we are in the same alliance and one of us is in a position to serve as a treasurer or economic official. Part of that role is typically to disburse funds from the alliance bank in order to grow member-nations. How would this be viewed by moderation? Is it simply a zero tolerance blanket rule?