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  1. Movin' on up!
  2. You thought this was America.
  3. You are a mad man. I wish you luck!
  4. You two do make a great couple.
  5. Dude. I thought DS was merging into RoK for the first half of this post.
  6. The cancellation period is almost as long as the lifespan of the treaty.
  7. Lordaeron Lordran Lordaeron Announcement: Article 1: We are having spaghetti for dinner tonight. Article 2: There will be meatballs in the sauce and a gluten-free option. Signed: Kynlo Gorge Charlie Traveler
  8. It would be awesome if the War API had fields for kills, casualties, and looting that happened in that particular war. Basically the "Total Losses" chart , but in the API.
  9. That poem is mostly accurate! Acceptable.
  10. Seb, if you are running a Ponzi scheme, I want in - everyone always makes a ton of money right up until the end!
  11. [10:23 PM] Paul Warburg: Alright. I know this should be a formality, but everything said should be kept confidential The log boats are leaky, lately!
  12. Congrats, you two! DB are great allies. I am certain you will be in good hands, GPC.
  13. Good luck to you, TKR! I'm excited to see how things play out. The next one!
  14. Bad Company is the clear choice. We are the music-makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.
  15. I'm very happy to be working with everyone here! You guys are great and I am excited to take on this new adventure. Bad, Bad Company until the day I die.