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  1. Congrats, you two!
  2. What you see as abuse of the war system, I see as making use of the war system. It takes a good deal of restraint and skill to be an effective, dedicated raider. While I certainly want to punch certain folks in their collective throat from time to time, raiding in the current system provides a viable long-term alternative to the traditional grind and grow play style. Additionally, the looming threat of raids provides an incentive for new nations to coordinate with other players in an alliance and then, in turn, gives that alliance another way to get members involved.
  3. Congratulations, TCL! It is sad to see Lordship go, but he is definitely leaving TKR in good hands. I have no doubt Creepy will continue the trend of excellence set by the Kings who led before him. o7
  4. This is so dangerous. I'm driving, but I have to read this before it's deleted!
  5. Congrats on existing! RUM are good folks, despite their drunken stupor.
  6. Cool idea! I imagine there will be some entertaining nominations.
  7. Yes, please. These are all great ideas and I'm excited to see them come to fruition. Keep up the great work!
  8. Why would the government be providing daily operating resources to the private sector? I always assumed that we only have access to government-owned improvements, consequently making all the resources produced government-owned resources.
  9. Hey, congrats! You two look good together.
  10. I think both of these would be very useful, non-game-breaking improvements to the control panel. Good ideas!
  11. An interesting proposition! I am excited to see how this develops. Good luck - hopefully we'll see a DoE sometime soon!
  12. Good - I still have blue balls from last time!
  13. When your plan to orchestrate a World War fails and you get upset that folks are looking at you while your pants are down.
  14. Sure enough! Thanks. Weirdly, though, it appears that the URL tag works around the IMG tag as shown below. This code: Outputs this with clickable sections: I'm not sure why it works inconsistently.
  15. What were you doing (or trying to do): I was trying to post a reply containing the the [url] tag in an alliance announcement. What happened: The reply showed [url=]City Planning Guide.[/url] instead of "City Planning Guide" as a hyperlink to the spreadsheet. Link to page: N/A Any other relevant information: - Previously working tags in other posts have since stopped working and appear the same way. - Not sure if related: the last comment on three announcements is from a nation that was created yesterday (10/1/17) and is not in our alliance. In fact, there are no comments in those announcements. Additionally, the nation id=0 which takes me to my nation. Screenshot: ^ Broken BBCode URL tag in reply to announcement. ^ Broken BBCode URL tag in announcement posted a while ago. ^ Random commentor. Not in our alliance and created yesterday. ^ Nation results for search "Luo". ^ Nation ID=0