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  1. The question was, what issues are present with anonimity? It is pretty clear that I'm indifferent on this - I just would like some specific problems associated with anonimity if moderators.
  2. Hey welcome to the community. Have fun!
  3. OP and Community. Please remember the rules regarding this forum and posts made within. In effort to increase our moderation consistency we will be engaging with discussion and moderation topics for a cleaner place to communicate.
  4. Just want to thank everyone who positively and constructively contributed to this thread. You've been a great deal of help! I'm gonna leave this thread open for a while to allow more people to reply and comment while we work to shape up our moderation. I think in closing, we know there are faults and we know there are issues with moderation - that is why we reached out to the community with this post. We can't change and get better without knowing what to fix. On that note, we will be back soon with some updates.
  5. Now you're just breaking off into randomness. Thank you for your feedback, let us put this thread back towards the original topic. Thanks.
  6. You complain about being warned when you know heckin well that you like to cross the line. It doesn't matter if you are stating facts or delusions, if it is a rule break you get the repercussion. You hide behind the only reasoning you can find every time, no matter what the occasion; "these are real facts" and then a pointed finger in another direction. If you have discussions that you know are going to be on the edge or spill over into violation territory, take your discussions off site onto another communication platform. Like I said above, it doesn't matter what era we live in, who's the president or what group has the political power hold on society...this site has ruled which must be followed in order to remain here. Granted, we want to revise to make less vague - but what is written should be a good enough guideline as to what is and isn't permitted.
  7. Y'all are horrible.
  8. You bring up some good points here and I want to thank you for your feedback. Alot of people get turned off by heavy moderation and then when moderation takes a knee, we aren't moderating enough - so we are looking for that balance. Off-site communication platforms are a positive way to carry on a discussion with like-minded people and offer a debate that might be on the edge of rule breaking here on these forums. Regardless of the era we live in and regardless of views. This is a privately owned forum/site and rules expressed are agreed on upon forum account creation. This needs to remain a neutral ground of expression and discussion.
  9. Thank you for your feedback. I'm not sure if this was more a "I get warned and I'm upset about it" or you actually feel you are not deserving of your warns. Either way, rules are what we are looking into yo clarify exactly what they should mean. I fail to see how removing anonimity would "alleviate many problems" - I personally don't care about that rule Alex made, id use my personal account and not care. I just don't feel like having anonymous mods really causes that issue - unless it pertains to personal grudges being used with mod power, which I'm working on changing. If you could elaborate on the specific problems if moderator anonimity, that could help us out better. Thank you for your feedback. This topic has been create so we can know where we are weak and failing.
  10. @Alex (game owner) is the only person who can check into these types of reports. I ask that you be patient until he comes by to investigate the issue you are having. I understand you posted a bit ago. This is old but NDF.
  11. If you need assistance changing your forum name to match your nation ruler name, let me know.
  12. If you need assistance changing your forum name to match your Nation ruler name, let me know.
  13. Welcome! Have some fun.
  14. Welcome to PW! Good luck out there.
  15. Alex will be by soon to check this out. Thank you.