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  1. I can't breathe, I may pass out from laughing too hard.
  2. Preamble Rose and Ragnarok agree to upgrade the existing ODoAP to an MDoAP treaty. Article I - Sovereignty Both parties agree to respect each other’s right to conduct its own affairs without external hindrance. Article II - Intelligence Both parties agree to share intelligence, with the understanding that close cooperation is necessary for the security of both alliances. Article III - Mutual Defense Both parties agree to come to each other’s aid in the case of an attack by an external aggressor. Article IV - Optional Aggression Should one party decide to pursue aggression against an external party, the other party may join in on the aggression. Article V - Cancellation Should either party wish to nullify this treaty, they must give a 72-hour notice before it is made official. Signed for Rose: Shogun: Redarmy Shikken: Saxplayer Daimyo of Foreign Affairs: Rebecca Samurai of Diplomacy: SamohT Signed for Ragnarok: High King: Jeremy Graham Jarl: Trajan Thane of Diplomacy: AddictedBoy Steward of Diplomacy: AnwarJ
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. And also, bravo Thalmor XD
  4. Ragnarok is lame. Looking forward to working with everyone from DS!
  5. You didn't cancel because of Lord, Lord wanted to cancel because of your stupid post. You did this all by demonstrating unfathomable levels of stupidity in your recent posts. Not hard to see, bud.
  6. Your post was pointless, and it got downvoted. It has nothing to do with Lordaeron or their posts. I know it feels better to blame someone else for the downvotes you've been getting, but unfortunately it's all you.
  7. No, pretty sure the mass dislikes on that post was because your post was completely pointless.
  8. Maybe the downvotes were aimed at your meaningless post, not at Lordaeron.
  9. Oh god, why.
  10. We'll all be waiting. 👍
  11. @Gabranth I have some questions for you based on the "Squire's Tale" - I've skimmed it, so maybe I'm missing things that have been answered in the book: If you think the 'predator and prey' analogy is valid, and believe fascists are simply following this 'natural' truth, how would fascists envision the formation of the State? The State was constructed to move humanity away from what's commonly known as the short and brutish life of animals - and hence a social construct by nature (as in, it wasn't 'natural'). So if you think that social constructs are basically 'lies' that deceive us from the natural truth, and you want to return to the 'predator and prey' type of human society, how do you see the modern state coming to existence? Can fascists be wrong about their beliefs? Since clearly the 'fascists' claim monopoly over the natural truth and everyone else is just fabricating the truth, the book basically shuts down all potential attempts to argue against fascist ideas, since they can say "You've been misguided" or "You don't know the truth like we do" without actually having to do any explaining. Since it's a 'predator eat prey' world you envision, and the weak and unproductive need to be weeded out, there must be a natural criterion that is the absolute 'truth' to evaluating who is 'strong' and 'productive', and who is not. What is this natural criterion? Can you tell me what it is? "You’re right that not all Jews – or all members of any group – will conform to stereotypes 100% of the time. Or even most of the time. But imagine you’re in the jungle, and come across a tiger. Will you be scared? Of course! Most tigers, most of the time, won’t attack you, either because they’re scared of humans, or because they’re not hungry at the time, or for a myriad of other reasons. But isn’t it the right reaction to be careful around it? Isn’t that the right choice to protect yourself and others you care about?" The book gives no other reason to hate the Jews other than these BS analogies that make no sense. Actually, 80% of the book seems to be "Of course, stereotypes are not accurate - and most members of the group will not conform to stereotypes. But gosh, I do hate all the Jews, I'm out to get all of them!" <-- This just sounds dumb. The book intentionally uses the 'tiger' analogy to make it difficult to say no to 'defending yourself' from potential threats. But this is just a common propaganda technique to justify discrimination and violence using fear. Why are Jews associated with tigers? If they are 'naturally evil', what are the ways in which Jews have been proven to be 'naturally evil'? The book claims that 'Jews have been driven out of many countries - Jews are clearly the problem' tries and justify why the Jews are evil. How does this logic hold up? Korea has been invaded to be colonized by the Chinese for centuries, and was conquered by the Japanese for 30 years. Are Koreans the problem in this scenario? Are we somehow provoking these other countries to attack us? Clearly, there must be other more complex, but more accurate and contextual explanations, both in the Jewish and Korean cases?
  12. It's funny how in the Mussolini reading it explicitly tells you that the reason they are publishing it is so people know that the ideology is, for a lack of a better word, something nobody should follow: "As our web site makes very clear, we are totally opposed to ideas such as racism and religious intolerance. However, in order to combat such evils, it is necessary to understand them by means of the study of key documentary material. For a more detailed statement of our publications standards click here." But sure, I'll get reading. The 26 point manifesto seems like typical fascist thinking, nothing special there.
  13. So help me understand then? lol Give me some literature that will enlighten me about the need for fascism in the world.
  14. Or maybe, just maybe, Kastor managed to piss off multiple alliances. Just a thought.