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  1. The construction of the final piece has finally been completed. The United States is now ready for any invasion of its homeland. The United Stats will be constructing 18 shipyards to make up for its lacking navy, although unusual. The Dept. of Defence will increase the number of soldiers from 4,100,000 to 4,300,000, from 82,000 armored vehicles to 86,000, and from 45 ships to 55. The estimated time of completion is 2.5 months. More building may be build as the United States annexes its former states.
  2. Some guy's utopia.
  3. Consider it done. Lol
  4. My nation is approaching its first year of existence. Yay! :D

  5. National Project Name: State News Network Small Description: There are various tools to spread propaganda and to achieve nationwide indoctrination. One of these tools, the media, is the most effective as it is more prevalent. Not only it can be used to justify a immoral, in the eyes of the populous, but it can be used to block and censor opposition from the inside and out. Project Effect: decrease crime rate by 3%, increase the number of ships, aircraft, and tanks by 5%, and decrease the resources cost of ships, aircraft, and tanks by 20%. Resource cost: 1,500 steel, 2,000 aluminum, 1,500 gasoline Cash Cost: $25,000,000
  6. I agree.
  7. [Classified] The Secretary of State, Percival Nova clear his voice, “I agree that communism is no more guilty of causing violence than other systems. However, in the past, it deprives a person of basic human rights, like freedom of speech, religion, etc. Countries with this system cannot meet the demands of the people and therefore their citizens have lower standards of living. In addition, they caused environmental degradation through air and water pollution with their fast industrialization and lack of waste disposal. Although countries that adopted capitalism have caused varying degrees of environment degradation in the past, all of these capitalistic states have sophisticated waste disposal systems and laws in place protect the land within their borders compared to the majority of all communist states. “We are interested in helping the Containment Policy reach its goal, as New York City is wrongfully annexed by the Soviet Union. I have one question though.”
  8. DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Maybe add a 1% commerce increase per commerce building buff for ITC.
  10. It means you’ll never get your money. Unless they login.
  11. THE TERMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Can we just boycott any purchase of credits and VIP subscritions until he it rollback? He might use ads to substitute for the income loss, but his attempt will fail because we can use an adblock. This boycott will work.
  13. you could just claim more
  14. The construction of the third piece is complete and the final one has started its construction. This entire construction project has significantly increased the military strength of the United States to rivaling world power in terms of numbers, with the exception of the navy. The United States is constructing 20 barracks, 20 factories, 24 hangars, and 2 shipyards. The Dept. of Defence will increase the number of soldiers from 3,060,000 to 4,100,000, from 61200 armored vehicles and tanks to 82,000, from 25400 aerial vehicles to 15480 due to a lack of room, and from 25 ships to 45. The estimated time of the final piece and recruitment/construction of troops, vehicles, etc. is 5 months. More building may be built soon.