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  1. Eeacp Krsscue. I've better games to play.
  2. Then leave the game if you're so used to it. You're wasting both your own time and the time of others. Not doing so is just being a troll.
  3. First off, evidence about this can't be provided because the forum post has been either deleted or moved, so don't bother asking for it. That's a problem on your administrative end. Second off, your moderator claimed I was insensitive to players of fragile states of mind in a phrase saying that people might as well kill themselves. My post never made any implication of encouraging people to commit suicide. What my post did was respond to what someone else said about not caring. I would never encourage people to commit suicide. That's totally disparaging of who they are. The point of the post was that if people don't care, then why bother continuing to live? You have to care to have a purpose to your life. The post I responded to did not have any conditionals added to it in talking about caring. It was a generic statement. It wasn't saying that people shouldn't care about something specifically, or that people shouldn't care about something because they have more important priorities to care about. The post simply told someone else not to care. Frankly, your moderator clearly didn't grasp what was really being said in that thread and really needs to learn to look at the bigger picture instead of scrutinizing selective details. To boot, the entire post was either deleted or moved which was unwarranted as well. There were plenty of other points made in the post that weren't connected to that specific statement. Your moderator generalized the entire post as bad just because of judging a specific part of it as bad.
  4. In any case, the real reason the game's fallen apart is because you people are so obsessed with planning and counterplanning and preplanning that you never put plans into action. It's like playing chess with someone who looks an infinite number of steps ahead, but never moves a piece. Frankly, if all you want to do is plan, then you don't need to play a game with anyone. You can just play with yourself. This is a very simple game without many details. Therefore, the excitement of it comes from how many things happen, not how elaborate they are. It's about quantity before quality. Hesitation and anticipation out of being worried just slow things down. If anything, there should be an instinct among you people to declare war on those who hesitate and anticipate because they're literally ruining the experience the game has to offer. Also, this whole mockery against dynamic gameplay doesn't help. All it does is maintain the status quo which literally gives nobody a motive to stay around except the oldest players who have built up the most... ...and if that's what you want, then you're going to end up playing with yourself in the end anyway. I'm not just saying this because it's blatantly obvious, but because I've been there, done that for 15 years in these types of games now ever since I started playing Imperial Conflict back in 2000-2001. Heck, I came here to try to find players who don't pull antics like these to help in another game I play that's suffering from the exact same problem, but you guys have been a severe disappointment.
  5. Keep in mind I'm on incognito mode here, so this isn't a sign of my own personal browsing habits. Apparently, adchoices believes PnW is played by a bunch of homosexual pedophiles who worship China.
  6. Babylon's playing on easy mode just like Maya or Korea. Siam has a university UB if you really want science, but want a decent challenge.
  7. It's loading forever, repeating itself nonstop, and not recognizing submissions as correct. Is anyone else having trouble with this?
  8. Why does this sound like a fusion of Planetside with Battlefield 2142?
  9. This is seriously bizarre. You guys should be RPing colonial development, not just defining it according to distance or geography on a map. Over time, it could be feasible to have colonies become mainland to a nation, especially in the case of someone RPing a thalassocracy. Otherwise, everyone might as well just be playing "color in the lines" on a map. That's not roleplaying. It's barely any better than pixel hugging.
  10. If you reroll in this game, you really need to get a life.
  11. What sort of companies do you see existing on a stock market within this gameworld?
  12. Ads that appeal to idiots get clicked on by idiots. Who would have thought?
  13. Wow... wtf... 5? I picked 14. What were all those people doing above 20?
  14. Pfff... https://github.com/Jiiks/BetterDiscordApp/wiki/Themes
  15. The historical friendly and competitive matches between South America and Europe were known for encouraging foreign direct investment as well.