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  1. When I joined, people said don't worry. The game's not dead. People always go after those on top. It's like King of the Hill. That was almost seven months ago. Since then, there have been no efforts to go after the guys on top.
  2. *Chews popcorn*
  3. Relevance?
  4. Why would I insult people who I want to see do something? That would just discourage them even further.
  5. What I've done is entice others to display how they just want to sit around and do nothing, something which was explicitly confirmed last night on Thalmor's show. The fact of the matter is this game is so full of sarcasm that it's become a cesspool of quicksand. Anyone who stumbles across it intrinsically sinks such that the only way to float back to the top is to do nothing... ...but the fact of the matter is you can only float so high. The game mechanics intrinsically depend on time, and the social dynamics are bent towards the status quo because nobody has the ambition to make anything happen. Leaders are content with a sufficient amount of power, and don't care to consolidate their position any further. Followers of leaders are likewise content with enough status, and don't care to revolt. ...and I could have written so much more. What's your point?
  6. If you think this is effort, you don't know what effort is.
  7. Nah... it'd just tear up a lot of alliances' plans who wouldn't want it to happen.
  8. I don't know... maybe because 4D chess requires having a sense of time, and anyone who as a sense of time knows the older players have an advantage no matter what.
  9. If BK and KT merged they could go to war with TKR... ...but noooooo....
  10. If anything's low quality, it's your FA if you don't take advantage of this opportunity. BKT would be stronger than TKR nevermind Pantheon, and you have plenty of other alliances you could draw together. TTO and Acadia would easily come on board, and you have decent prospects in Lord and CS. Even better, you could offer GoG to abandon IQ which they'll probably turn down which gives you the chance to turn around and ask Guardian and Seven Kingdoms to come along since GoG is their former rival VE.
  11. What I know is simple. You and Pantheon went at it in the last war, and you guys got nailed. Was it a fair fight? Probably not. You guys were fighting Rose too. Like you betrayed UPN before, KT just betrayed Pantheon. The two of your alliances have similar personalities, and Pantheon has a similar personality to UPN. It really isn't farfetched. If anything, it's more likely that you're trying to deny the obvious at this point. That said, it is possible that the two of you don't have anything in the works, but if you don't, that's rather foolish.
  12. What kind of fun do you have?
  13. To be fair, he does seem a bit pussywhipped.
  14. Oh I don't really care about your names. You could be named Ball Kickers, and they could be named Ketchup Tasters. It's your personalities that count. Like I said, you're both wise guy traitors.