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  1. The core of this game is that 7-21 range. The vast vast majority of those 1-6 city nations will never amount to anything and just flake off super quickly.
  2. Not even all large nations like this econ entirely, I can tell you that for sure. I'm a 26 city nation and I really hate this current system
  3. Correlation does not imply causation smh.
  4. Back in my day, food was 90
  5. Why is specialization good though? Why exactly, in your words, is specialization good for this game, I don't care about any rp or non econ reasons, I wanna know why its good for this game's economy, in your own words.
  6. Thanks for the compliment.
  7. I think other people have made better arguements than I ever will and you're just too stubborn to ever agree with them. Arguing with you is pointless, not to mention, this system benefits you, as stated previously by other people. So why should I waste my breath trying to convince someone that will never be convinced.
  8. Is it? Or will it potentially become unplayable?
  9. A game can only be so hard before it becomes unplayable.... Games are meant to be fun, not a chore....
  10. @Alex You gonna respond to the most liked comment ever on the forum, or what? Don't just sit there, say something. It's obvious people want something to happen, why don't you put in your two cents.
  11. Looks like a good time to be a Pirate. Congrats on the wars Arrgh!
  12. Roses are Pink you !@#$!
  13. Man, look at all those strikethroughs.....
  14. As the current Deputy Assembly Chairman of GATO in CyberNations, I would just like to state that we are, in no way, shape, or form, associated with the following alliance: Hope that cleared up any confusion, and have a nice day