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  1. do it or you're a !@#$
  2. >higgins commening on the sad fact kastor is still playing PnW >is higgins
  3. hmmm what if KT ends up white peacing AO to make it seem like their war is over but both AO and KT roll BC tomorrow what if this is all a Kastor&Thalmor plot™ to reinstate Catsby as ruler of Animal Empire and then Catsby gets couped and Greene brings back Duat with his money™ and it becomes Politics & Peace or this is just a Kastor rolling :shrug:
  4. >when you have to put out a treaty but you dont want to go through the effort of forging new relationships with people and trying something new
  5. Merge Guardian or Arrgh cus they good at war Roll NPO cus Roq tiers (yes misspelled on purpose) Disband Pantheon
  6. maybe make a thread in General Debate for this? :3
  7. inb4 Acadia joins IQ in response
  8. im sure they're flattered since obviously every treaty you sign is so meaningful (all 20 of them)
  9. no shut up blake
  10. no you dont
  11. Should've been a war dec in defense of NSR nice try tho maybe next time
  12. this was as necessary as Lord joining IQ
  13. honey dont complain about how the update negatively affects you when you have 20 cities and 2.5k infra per city
  14. @Sketchy where was rose when KT hit oblivion then...? seems they only want to protect oblivion when it's vs a small opponent to flex on
  15. weak troll roz cool flags tho #2 ftw