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  1. *sweep the leg otherwise would r8 8/8 m8
  2. i was going to think of something witty to say about this but i haven’t thought of anything that other’s haven’t already addressed needs more war and third sphere
  3. are you guys even in each other’s ranges
  4. why not form your own alliance and play the 4D chess you always ask other people to play for you
  5. wow zeeb that’s taking it too far
  6. rip thaldaddy
  7. what if i go into VM to dodge this war
  8. Here's the obligatory "two weeks" on any micro DoE
  9. don’t vote for ripper, he kills small nations ):
  10. sorry for the song spam lmao tried to be a bit diverse with my picks as i only saw rock being posted when i skimmed everyone else (although i included a lot of rock/metal)
  11. will kt hit fark 168 days after fark hit iron guard