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  1. Not gonna lie. Possibly one of the greatest DoEs I've seen yet. Congrats guys. Good luck
  2. >_>
  3. A hearty welcome from NCR. Hope to see some growth and perhaps some fun. Good luck guys.
  4. @Verin you Would be welcomed in my Alliance if you need a home.
  5. Isn't InQ the heros kinda. Like the EMC is the Heal? Except the world is better under EMC control? 😂
  6. Always a pleasure @Sketchy keeps us updated..
  7. Alliance Name: New California Republic (NCR) COLOR: Brown. Forums: N/A Discord:
  8. Noobs doing noob things lol
  9. This is kinda a hurt to my heart I admired Cerb.
  10. 🤔 Do you build to 7-12 cities? Offer growth and protection programs? What's your Alliance even called? Do you have Government? What about a theme? It's so bland. I need details
  11. What in the actually frick is wrong with you. Your Photoshop skills are trash. And you're hiding true beauty.. And I thought I was worthless
  12. well best of luck to Horsemen lmao
  13. You Declaring a disban or a war? lmao
  14. we also embezzle Epis money so the investors get better returns cx
  15. your moms alliance. lmao i just noticed that