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  1. Fark v Pantheon would be dynamic wouldn't it
  2. Oh Thalmor you dweeb
  3. I'm here. I'm rallying my peeps thou. 😂
  4. Really Pantheon. With NSR. Tsk tsk.
  5. rule 1 No more pumpkin spice lattes rule 2 enough with the leggings and uggs i mean cmon rule 3 seriously with bland straight blonde hair. girl atleast curl it! waiti said cliche not basic.
  6. *finishes yawn* kinda cliche. (adds suspense)
  7. ok thisDoW is *yawn*
  8. i wonder if NSR will respond lol
  9. ikinda feel gross now. i gotta go shower a 4th time. Dammit!
  10. ok me too
  11. *powers up my Nuclear arsenal*
  12. eww paper
  13. just waiting for my Alliance to DoW now lol
  14. Don't bully Piiggy!
  15. *takes notes on how to DoW*