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  1. ilu Blope come home I get this reaction a lot, but I never understand why
  2. Hi Qwen! Good luck!
  3. Dio is such a diva that we had to DoE twice.
  4. Underrated post, tbh
  5. tbh, Capy is right, the blue in this dark theme is really offputting. If it was changed to some shade of grey or something @Dr Rush ... Would be cool. And it's weird that it doesn't do nation charts, I get why, but it looks bad. Wait I posted this in the wrong thread. Oh well.
  6. :ninja: It's pretty clear you're trying to mask the mass-disappearance of all of AO's officers and membership.
  7. pretty sure calling things lame is ableist. time for that well-deserved forum ban @Ameyuri
  8. Leaking shaky logs so that we get off on the right foot.
  9. Well, it definitely isn't Electromagnetic.
  10. 011001001101100110010001
  11. Yo the beige change is actually awesome. It might actually make wars, y'know, fightable. I love it. It's seriously good. In theory. Let's see.
  12. @Alex A few points, The quality of the econ changes in the form being protested in this thread would not have affected active playerbase, this is because the issues being taken largely revolve around how it is perceived to have affected the metagame around wars. You cannot deny an increased price index, which has major implications for how often alliances can afford to go to all-out wars. As we move further and further away from the last war, one thing becomes clearer in the community - these players have been trained to accept those events as the payoffs for months of work. To many people, the social aspect of this game truly shined when it got competitive. Now, I'm not going to argue that PnW is a zero sum game, obviously, but during war times it almost felt that way, which was good because otherwise the only incentive to keep playing is to increase numbers passively, and while it seems like you've acknowledged this with the econ changes you've presented in this thread, Alex, and are attempting to make a more engaging passive growth experience, the idea that those global occasions where a large portion of the playerbase would be affected in one way or another have faded is... Disheartening. Now, okay, we cannot necessarily take this as fault of the econ change, because there were other factors at the time that prevented another war from breaking out. You can argue inconclusive data where you do not know the definitive variables at play. So what decides a war? Well, the people decide a war, specifically, alliance leaders and other influential figures. These people will tell you - they definitely have expressed so in this thread - that the changes have directly affected their decision making towards habits that they don't necessarily desire. This in itself is valid proof that the econ changes had a significant effect on war timings, it's like if the rat you tested a new drug on came up to you and gave you their opinion on how the drugs have impacted them. I would argue that this community was in no small part forged in the flames of war. At least for myself and all of my friends in this game I can say that we would not play this game if it didn't have wars to participate in, at least somewhat frequently. And it's definitely not all because of the econ system, the political dynamic is also shifting, but can you really say that what you did 9 months ago had nothing to do with the unprecedented peace that followed it?
  13. And others tell you why they think you're wrong. Welcome to literally life.